Free 2-Day Diploma in Coaching


Give us two days of your life and we will give you tools for a lifetime of success and independence. FREE OF CHARGE!

World Leading NLP Master Trainers and Master Coaches Mark and Nicky Taylor, Directors of Coaching at The Excellence Culture Coaching Academy and their team of Coaching Assistants invite you to their FREE Diploma in Coaching so that you can…

  • Unlock the Secrets to Coaching anyone
  • Create profound changes in yourself and others
  • Get results which are simply extraordinary

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Who is this coach training designed for?

If you are considering pursuing coaching as a professional career either full time or part time or you want to add coaching skills to your current career or you just want to learn life changing skills, this free coaching course has been designed for you.

What you will learn over the 2 days of the Diploma in Coaching

This training shows you the Mindset and Methods you need to become a Masterful Coach using a brand new, proven, simple systematic approach that delivers skills, confidence, and competence, in a really fun learning environment.

During this course some of the things that you will learn are:

  • Our Masterful step by step Coaching Excellence Model which makes Coaching easy, fast and effective and both inexperienced and experienced Coaches and Therapists go crazy about due to the content of this training and the results it produces
  • How to Coach for the modern day rather than being stuck with traditional coaching methods and models that are labored and just based on lists of questions
  • An introduction to the life-changing technologies of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis
  • How the Modern Day Coach integrates up to date technologies, such as NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, into their practice so that they have an extensive range of tools to clean up their own Sh*tuff and resolve any problem a client  brings to them
  • How other approaches to Coaching are outdated by training single stand alone subjects such as Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis etc. and then charging you 000/s of £ for each one and also failing to integrate skills and techniques that get fast, amazing results.
  • How to communicate with more than just words to always achieve your outcomes
  • Learn the YES Mindset essential for successful Coaches
  • Practical exercises as a Coach and being Coached

And Much, much more…

So no matter how far you are into your progress and development as a Coach; whether you are experienced, thinking about starting out, in transition, skeptical about the amazing changes that can be made or simply want massive personal development and have a thirst for learning something new, attending this training can make an amazing world of difference to you just like it has for hundreds of others before you.

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The logistics…

Itinerary –

Registration will commence at 930 am on Day One and the training will start at 10am on both days. Both days will finish at 5pm. Lunch will be between 1pm and 2pm and you can either bring your own food or purchase food from nearby outlets. Refreshments during breaks will be provided.

Terms and Conditions …

You must be able to attend both days to apply for this course.  Due to limited space in the room we want to ensure that the right people are there, as this training always sells out. So we have a £50 ‘no show’ policy.

At the time of your booking our team member will take current and valid credit/debit card details from you as a holding deposit. No charge will be made to your card when you attend the course in full. If you fail to attend or complete the course then we will charge the holding deposit. We are sure that you agree that this is fair and it is only a sign of your commitment and ours.

Learn more about us here, or contact us if you have questions!

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