Business & Leadership Programme

Dalai Lama… Margaret Thatcher… Both outstanding leaders in their own unique way, yet completely different in their leadership style. We guide you to become excellent Business Leaders by working with you as an individual, encouraging your strengths and working with you on areas where you have experienced limitations–assisting you to achieve greatness in your own unique way.

Three levels of Business & Leadership Programme – Level One starts with your personal core objectives; Level Two is focused on executive-level relationship skills and results, and finally Level Three is an advanced level within your leadership 'domain' whether it be business, community, non-profit, public sector…or any other areas where you are in the public eye.

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Level One – If accepted onto the Programme, all candidates will have five personal meetings with Mark and Nicky, over an agreed period of time. Level One concentrates on outcomes personal to the candidate; outcomes agreed in meeting one are guaranteed, providing all steps of the Programme are followed.

Level Two – Is suitable for candidates who, in addition to achieving their personal objectives through the five personal meetings with Mark and Nicky, wish to extend their results to getting the most from their relationship with others, in Business or on a personal level.

Level Three – Is an option for candidates who really wish to take their communication to an advanced level of mastery. Essential for:

•Company Directors
•Senior Managers
•Business Leaders
•Business Owners
•Sales Professionals


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