10 Things That Will Help Make Your Life Complete


Do you ever get to that stage of overwhelm where your life seems to be littered with things part done and you question your effectiveness?

When people get to this point we have a number of exercises and tasks for them to complete, which we use in our NLP Coaching training and this allows them to bring life back under control.

One of these exercises works on the theory that everything which is incomplete, drains energy from you and from your success.

Almost like keeping plates spinning in the air — all incomplete things drain energy from your purpose.

So here are ten things to do to regain control:

1. Make a list of all the things you have to do — a To Do List — refer to it daily.

2. Get an Appointment Calendar. Put all your appointments on it — refer to it daily.  Plan your time. Stick to it.

3. Clean up your house, and/or your office. Clean up your car – inside and out. Get it serviced.

4. Clean off the top of your desk. File all papers. Throw away unused materials and any unneeded papers.

5. Throw away everything you don’t use, haven’t used in 6 months, or which is out-dated. File or throw away any unused papers.

6. Organize all your papers. Clean out all filing cabinets. Throw away unused materials.

7. Make a list of all the things you have started but not completed. Complete the list, or cross it off. Prioritise their completion.

8. Take total responsibility for your business/career. Do only what you can, delegate the rest.  Agree only to what you know you can fulfill. Never commit to more than you know you can do.

9. Pay all your bills or make arrangements and/or agreements as to when you will pay them. Keep those agreements.

10. Take care of your physical body — eat well, exercise well, sleep well, follow a healthy lifestyle.

Start these good habits today and feel your energy return.

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