3 Reasons an Excellent Coach must be an NLP Practitioner


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Mercedes or Force India? Which would you rather be?

Rather, which is better for your clients?

I was watching the Formula 1 motor racing on television and marveling at the skill of the drivers and their support teams and the amazing engineering of the F1 cars when it struck me.

The difference in skill in the drivers and their support teams was actually negligible; the difference that made the difference was actually the cars.  The cars have the latest innovations, made of the latest technology and best engineering–both of which are constantly evolving.

Are you driving Mercedes or Force India?

Now apply this to coaching: you may have the most fantastic coaching skills in the world yet if the vehicle that you are using is not up to scratch you may not make the finish line to get the results with clients.

This is where our NLP+ Practitioner course is the perfect vehicle to make sure that you have the right vehicle–the Mercedes–to get you the result every time, guaranteed!

Three reasons NLP+ is the fast track to success

A coach is someone who helps a client to change their perspective and find different solutions to achieve a specific personal or professional goal. They do this by asking questions, using interventions and challenging the client to find their own answers.

1NLP+ is all about How people do what they do … so it makes sense that any coach who wants success in helping to unravel how a client creates their problems, needs to know how people do what they do, right?

2All of coaching involves communication. NLP is all about how we communicate with others and ourselves. Our NLP+ Practitioner teaches two language models – The Meta Model for asking specific and strategic questions to quickly get to the root cause of any problem and the Milton Model is a way of utilising language to stimulate a relaxed state in order to connect with the hidden resources of our own personality.

The NLP+ Practitioner also teaches you how to use metaphors and reframing to help a client gain new perspectives and understandings and unite them with resources that had fallen out of sight. All Useful, right?

3 All clients come to a coach with things from their past that hold them back. They feel unable to control major negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt and hold on to limiting beliefs about their capabilities.

This is why our NLP+ Practitioner includes Time Line Therapy® which is the fastest and most effective way to release negative emotions and get rid of limiting beliefs–so all that’s left is to create a compelling future. All Very Useful, right?

These are just 3 reasons, and we could go on, but they are enough for you to decide whether you want to be in the Mercedes or the Force India vehicle and enjoy the difference that makes the difference. Talk with us to see how we can get you in the driver’s seat of that perfect Coaching vehicle for your practice.