A Little Bit About Birmingham…


Birmingham's Home of NLP+ Training - The Taylored Life Company Ltd

We Are Birmingham…

One of the tag lines that we have become known for is ‘Birmingham’s home of NLP training’.  Our name has become synonymous with NLP training in Birmingham. So what’s the evidence to support the tag line?

Well to start with our offices are in Birmingham and we run all of our NLP trainings and carry out our coaching practice in Birmingham. We use local businesses in Birmingham to supply our businesses.

We were both born in Birmingham, we live in Birmingham and our family lineage is from Birmingham, We are ‘Brummies’ the colloquial name for someone from Birmingham.

What’s in a name? In Birmingham…

Yes you would think we should be called ‘Birmies’ after Birmingham so why Brummies? The name Brummies comes from the dialect word ‘Brummagen’ which is one of the names that Birmingham was actually called in the 1600’s. It is also shortened locally to ‘Brum’.

The city later adopted the name Birmingham meaning home (ham) of the people (ing) of the tribal leader Birm or Beorma.

The Brummie Dictionary

Like all local areas Birmingham has its own accent and words to go with it.  So when you come to train with us you may hear some of the following words and sayings, which we have translated for you:

“It’s a bit black over Bill’s mothers” – It might rain and referring to the birthplace of William Shakespeare where storms originated from.

“Blart” – To cry or sob.

“Deaf it out” – Don’t bother with it.

“Donnie” – Hand

“Tara a bit” – See you later

“Go play up your end” – Usually telling children to clear off.

“Get your snap” – Get your food

“Yammpy’ – Mad in a funny way.

“Doing a gambol” –  Rolling forward on the floor

“ You alright, Bab” – A greeting with ‘Bab’ being a term of endearment

Things you may not know about Birmingham – There are lots of fun and interesting facts to know about Birmingham:

  • James Watt, who lived in Birmingham 1775-1819, developed the steam engine. Through it, the firm Boulton and Watt sold the industrial revolution to the world. Watt also invented the letter-copying machine, forerunner of the photocopier. His name stays in our vocabulary through the light bulb measurement – 60 Watts, 40 Watts, etc.
  • Birmingham has more canals than Venice and is the centre of the UK’s canal network. The canals range from taking you high above houses in the suburbs to deep below the buildings in the city centre and offer some wonderful views.
  • Birmingham inventor and pioneering industrialist Matthew Boulton (1728 – 1809) amassed a personal fortune equivalent to twice that of Microsoft boss Bill Gates.
  • Birmingham is home to 1.1 million people and is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the UK. We’re proud that we have poeple living here who originate from the countries of Ireland, Africa, India, Pakistan, China, Poland, Romania, Russia, America, the Caribbean Islands to name but a few…. Birmingham is a shining example of how people from different backgrounds can all live happily together.
  • Birmingham is home to Cadbury’s Chocolate. George and his brother Richard Cadbury moved their successful chocolate manufacturing business from Bull Street, Birmingham to Bournville in 1879.
  • Place names in Birmingham include California, Hollywood and Broadway!
  • Birmingham is home to the historic Bull Ring – site of a market for more than 800 years. Within the complex are 5 retail markets attracting around 20 million customers a year.
  • X-Ray photography for medical purposes was pioneered by Major John Hall Edwards; he took the first x-ray in Birmingham in 1896
  • There are 30 other Birminghams around the world and one crater on the moon called Birmingham!
  • JRR Tolkien wrote Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit in Birmingham. The twin towers from the book were inspired by Edgbaston water works!
  • Birmingham is the home of the Taylored Life Company!

So when you come and visit us at Birmingham’s home of NLP training for either coaching or training you will get a friendly welcome combined with a cultural experience.

So until we meet “Tara a bit Bab.”

~ Mark & Nicky