A Nation of Shopkeepers?


Start a Business with NLP+ in Birmingham UK

It is alleged that back in the 1700’s Napoleon called the UK ‘a nation of shopkeepers.’ If he was talking about entrepreneurial spirit he was right.

The UK has been dubbed the self-employment capital of Europe with just over 15% of the workforce now being self-employed.

Stuck, with no options–is ANY ‘escape’ the right path?


Being self-employed is often sought as an escape from jobs that lead nowhere and where skills and expertise appear unrewarded and undervalued. People are looking to break free from the Mundane to Friday cycle of a life that is unfulfilled.

Often people are living a life of ‘settle for’; lacking the flexibility, the financial reward and fulfillment that they yearn for. People seem to want to change yet can’t see that the answer is right in front of them, staring straight at them. They seem frozen by fear and limiting beliefs about their capability.


Yet self-employment, as well as its fantastic advantages, comes with its own risks with half of UK start ups failing within five years. Often failing through lack of knowledge, entrepreneurial mindset or what we call ‘stickability’.

There is a better way to make your life work for you. Why not have a life that you don’t WANT to escape?


This is what the Taylored Life Company is all about; we offer a well thought out structure using proven techniques for people to discover their true potential and succeed in the life that they truly want by integrating NLP+ with the 6 life areas of Career and Business, Family, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Wealth and Leisure.

We believe that life is about having what you want rather than ‘settling for’ and when we teach you the mindset and toolkit of NLP+ you will be able to take control and focus on how to really live your life, and make work … work for you.

So if you want to do something different with your career but are paralyzed by fear or limiting beliefs–or you are in business and want to take your company from good to Excellent–we can make it happen for you! Contact us to find out how you can get on the right path, straight away!