About Elizabeth Terry


Elizabeth Terry, a Jamaican by birth and parentage, is passionate about healthy living, her spiritual development, “being the change you want to see” and helping to facilitate personal, organizational and societal transformation. She believes in the concept of sustainable development and living in harmony with Mother Earth and all its inhabitants since at our core, we are all inter-connected.


A project manager by profession, she currently holds the position of Director, Special Projects and Community Training Interventions at the HEART Trust, National Training Agency (of Jamaica) where she has worked in various aspects of this field since 2000.

Ms. Terry now oversees the development and management of approximately 80 Community Based Training projects island-wide as well as the major partnerships and projects under the Special Projects portfolio partnering with international agencies such as UNICEF, UNESCO and the EU.


In 2008, she was awarded the prestigious Values Icon of the Year, for the Agency and eventually used her ‘scholarship’ to become a certified Passion Test Facilitator in 2012, under the tutelage of Janet Attwood, co-author of the NY Times Best Seller, ‘The Passion Test’.

She gained the Project Management Professional (PMP) credential from the Project Management Institute, USA, later that same year. From 1994 to 1998 she established and operated her own consulting company, International HR Solutions, specializing in human resource development, training and strategic planning services. With a background in tourism and hospitality, a number of her assignments were naturally in this sector. She authored the article Public Awareness Programmes – A Panacea for Poor Planning? published by Caribbean Finance and Management (UWI) and presented at the first Caribbean Conference on Tourism Education, sponsored by the CTO/OAS and held in Barbados in 1990. In addition, she prepared, jointly with Dr. Kwame Charles, UWI/CHTM, a paper entitled, Academe and Industry: A Collaborative Approach to Developing Caribbean Hospitality and Tourism Managers, which was published by CHRIE in its 1992 Annual Conference Proceedings.


In a voluntary capacity, Elizabeth was the Founding Chair of the NGO, ICT4D Jamaica, a not-for-profit, established to promote the effective use of ICTs for national development in 2004. The organization was able to implement several ICT based projects through the garnering of funding support from various international and local partners. She recently gave up the chairmanship, however she still serves on the Board.


In 2012, after becoming a Passion Test Facilitator, she made the decision to pursue training and certification in the field of NLP, in order to help deepen her own transformation. This led her to reconnect with her passion for training and subsequently the work she in which is currently engaged – NLP training and coaching.


She is the holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and French and an Executive Masters in Business Administration, both from the University of the West Indies. A graduate of the Tad James NLP Trainer’s programme, she is also a certified Master Practitioner, Trainer of Time Line Therapy ® and NLP Coach and a member of the American Board of NLP and Time Line Therapy ® Association.


A mother of two, Jordan and Melissa, her interests include singing, walking and jogging, reading (mainly self-development books), metaphysics, vegetarian cooking, listening to music of many genres, travelling and watching movies.