Mark Taylor of The Taylored Life Company

About Mark


Mark Taylor PgDip HRD Cert Ed MTABNLP

Internationally Certified Master Trainer of NLP. Certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy® and Master Hypnotherapy and NLP Master Coaching. Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™. Certified Master Coach.

Mark was born in Birmingham, lives in Birmingham and works in Birmingham.

He is passionate about what Birmingham has to offer as a major UK city and one of his goals is to make Birmingham known as THE Centre of Excellence in Europe for NLP and Coaching training.

Mark worked for 29 years in the West Midlands Police Service, as a Police Sergeant, the last 14 of which were spent in specializing in the design, delivery, evaluation and management of Adult training at a Local and National level and also the assessment, training and development of other Trainers.

After attending a 12-week intensive Police trainer’s course in 1995 he was posted to the National Police training Centre at Ryton on Dunsmore where he specialized in training Police Recruits.

During this time, he also studied for and achieved the Certificate in Education. He also discovered NLP and informally used successful interventions in order to assist others improve their performance in the workplace.

In recognition of Mark’s training expertise in 2005 he was seconded to the Home Office and worked with a small team of National Police Trainers to write the Initial Police Learning and Development Programme (IPLDP), which is the curriculum for the initial training of Police Officers in England and Wales.

He was then selected in 2006 to project manage West Midlands Police’s local response to the IPDLP and he took the West Midlands Student Officer Training programme from concept to delivery, the programme at one time providing and managing the initial training of up to 600 Police Recruits a year. The basis of this programme is still used today.

After a successful Police career, he decided to leave West Midlands Police, in 2009, to set up his own Training and Coaching Company with Nicky and pursue their passion of helping people achieve their potential.

He is passionate about Learning and Development and knows that everybody has the necessary resources to break through the limitations that hold them back, it’s just about assisting people to find the right way to access those resources. Using the techniques of Coaching, NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis Mark has proven that people can attain exceptional results and achieve their true potential.

He continually strives for self-improvement and was awarded membership of the Institute for Learning and was named as a Fellow of Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.

He continued his studies and in 2008 was awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development by Wolverhampton University.

So Mark is not just an NLP Trainer he is a true Learning and Development Professional that specializes in NLP and Coaching and brings to the training of these subjects a wealth of training experience and knowledge.

In 2009 he started to formalize his NLP qualifications being certified as an NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner in the UK. The same year, he went to Sydney, Australia, where Drs Tad and Adriana James certified him as a Trainer of NLP.

In 2009, he set up Opt2XL Ltd and Opt2B Ltd with his wife, Nicola Taylor; their Training and Coaching Companies.

They quickly became known for their excellent trainings of NLP, Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis at the Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level and the success that their coaching clients achieved.

In 2015 they changed the name of Opt2XL Ltd to the Taylored Life Company Ltd to better reflect and as part of a continued evolution of what they do.

In addition to running their highly successful Training and Coaching businesses, Mark believes that it is important to give back to the community.

So in his personal time, he has been a Progression Mentor and Business Mentor for the Princes Trust and is excited to be currently involved with the development of a brand new charity supporting young people to access their potential.

Together with Nicky, he also hosts free training events, which are attended by hundreds of people each year, in order to empower them and introduce them to new life skills.

Mark believes in continually challenging himself to learn new skills and develop himself as a person. To this end he has attended numerous training courses and some of his achievements are; the LAMDA Gold Medal in Public Speaking and learning Ballroom dancing. He is currently taking singing lessons.

He continued his NLP Trainer development by then completing the prestigious 5 year NLP Master Trainer Program and was certified by the ABNLP as a Master Trainer of NLP in July 2015, the highest qualification in NLP.

He is one of only 20 people in the world who hold this qualification and with Nicky, they are the first couple in the world to have completed the programme and graduated together.

He now runs Internationally Certified and Accredited NLP Training Courses at the levels of Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer and Master Trainer and The Taylored Life company is the only NLP Training Company in Europe that has two in-house NLP Master Trainers enabling them to satisfy everybody’s NLP Training requirements.

Mark and Nicky both bring their own distinctive personalities and life experiences to their training’s making their NLP training’s unique. They are the difference that makes the difference and that is one of the reasons that their NLP training’s are known as NLP+®

The journey continues….