About Nicky

Nicky Taylor of The Taylored Life Company

Nicola Taylor MTABNLP

The following are just a few of the qualifications that Nicky holds:

  • Internationally Certified Master Trainer of NLP
  • Certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy® and Master Hypnotherapy.
  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™.
  • Certified Master Coach.
  • Prince 2 Certification in Project Management
  • LAMDA Gold Medal in Public Speaking

Nicky was a Civil Servant for 26 years prior to joining Mark in the Coaching and Training businesses on a full-time basis.

In 1985, Nicky joined the Unemployment Benefit Office as an Administrative Assistant. On her first day in the role, she set herself a goal to gain promotion to enable her to sit on the other side of the desk where her manager was on that first morning, and she was going to do what it takes to get there!

Her potential was quickly spotted and she was put forward for and gained promotion to Administrative Officer in January 1986, within 3 months of starting with the Unemployment Benefit Office.

Three years later she excelled again as she passed the Executive Officer promotion panel, the only successful candidate out of eight who were put forward from her Office, all with many more years experience than Nicky, and defying the general opinion of the management team that this feat could not be achieved in three short years!

Although Nicky continued to take challenging posts over the next few years, in which she built a wealth of experience in areas such as Personal Development, specialising in coaching the 18 to 24 age range and later Criminal Fraud Investigation; she largely put her career on the back burner whilst she brought up her two beautiful daughters.

During this period, she also took qualifications in market research and also as an Image Consultant; she also learned to play the piano to Grade 4 standard.

When the time was right, Nicky once again examined her career options to establish an accelerated route for promotion. Utilising her past experience and resources, she applied for a sideways move with the Inland Revenue, securing one of seven positions from over 1000 applicants, joining the prestigious Special Compliance Office of the Inland Revenue in 2003.

Despite not having a background in tax, the management team immediately saw her capabilities and expertise and less than 3 years later she had achieved promotion to Higher Executive Officer, joining the Change Team of the merging Criminal Investigation Departments of Inland Revenue and HM Customs, as a Business Analyst.

Again her potential shone through and she was once again put forward for promotion, successfully securing the position of Special Projects Manager at the grade of Senior Officer in 2008, running multi-million £ projects.

She had now achieved the level of seniority that she had set out to achieve back on that first day as an Administrative Assistant in 1985, and it was time for a new challenge!

Nicky has always thrived on making a difference and felt most fulfilled when developing others to achieve what they were capable of. Having experienced NLP as part of training’s that she had attended, she knew that NLP was definitely something that she could use to help others to achieve. Combining NLP with teaching others her own mindset for success was a winning formula.

Nicky qualified as a Practitioner and Master Practitioner of NLP during the first half of 2009 and travelled to Sydney, Australia at the end of 2009 to become a certified trainer of NLP and Hypnosis.

In 2015, she graduated as a Master Trainer of NLP in Las Vegas at the same time as Mark, having completed the prestigious five-year Master Trainer Programme with the ABNLP.

Mark and Nicky are two of only twenty in the world to have achieved this level of excellence in NLP and the only couple in the world to have gone through the Programme and graduated together.

Nicky was also born in Birmingham and like Mark is proud to be living in and delivering their Trainings in Birmingham. She believes that the City has so much to offer, hence their decision to support the regeneration of the site of the old Land Rover car factory in Longbridge by delivering their Trainings at the new Bournville College, which has been built as part of the new development.

Not only do they boost the local economy by bringing people into the area to attend their Trainings, they are also giving back to the community by offering several free workshops each year to assist people in enhancing their job prospects and developing their life skills.

Nicky has also worked as a volunteer for over 5 years with the Prince’s Trust, initially as a Progression Mentor and then as a Business Mentor. She is currently working with a new Charity, which supports young people in accessing their potential.

Always seeking further development opportunities, Nicky recently took a Hypnobirthing Teacher Training and is currently learning to sing!

Nicky brings to The Taylored Life Company training team all of the extensive experience that she has in Personal Development and Change & Project Management; and this knowledge, together with Mark’s expertise, is incorporated into the material that Mark & Nicky deliver, just one of the ways that we train NLP+®