About The Excellence Culture Coaching Academy


About The Excellence Culture Coaching Academy Birmingham UK

The Excellence Culture Coaching Academy was established to take the standard of coaching and coaching training to a whole new level for the needs of people in the 21st Century. Times have changed and you need a mindset and tool kit that reflects that, if you want to be a successful professional coach. This is what we deliver to our coaching graduates. Guaranteed!


Have we ‘outgrown’ the GROW model?

Sure there are other very well established and respectable companies out there but they serve up ‘traditional’ academic style coaching solutions some of which were being used in the run up to the 2008 ‘Credit Crunch’ that plunged the world into financial difficulty.

If we are to avoid such issues again we need to create coaches who have the ability to think differently, interpret information using critical thinking skills and be flexible in their approach, not just certificate collectors or collectors of letters after their name, or people who have to follow a specific model because we have always done it that way.

If you want that type of ‘inside the box’ approach that is fine, it is available to you elsewhere. What we create, support and develop are coaches who are thought leaders with the skills, resources and the mindset to be the difference that makes the difference in being truly excellent coaches.

Something different!

People say we are not normal and they are right. If you are ‘normal’ then you will follow everyone else, remember if you do the same old things you get the same old results. Normal never won an Olympic Gold medal, normal never became a millionaire, normal never excelled to become part of the Excellence Culture Coaching Academy.

So if you want to be an exceptional professional coach come and join us on one of our world leading trainings and be taught by the people who practice what they teach.

Yes all of our trainers are highly qualified and exceptionally skilled coaches with their own coaching businesses so they know what it takes to be an excellent coach and to run a successful coaching practice. They are there to guide you every step of the way with whatever you need.

Our trainings are fun and give you all of the most innovative, up to date practical skills, mindset and toolkit to bring about your ‘Taylored’ success. All of our courses are ‘Taylored’ to your needs and the achievement of your personal and professional goals. That is why they are powered by the Taylored Life Company.

Are you now passionate enough and excited enough to join the growing community of excellence within the Excellence Culture Coaching Academy now?

If so contact us now.

If you need further convincing why not either read our article, ‘The Excellence Culture Coaching Academy – what’s in it for me’ or contact us to book a no obligation discovery call with one of our coaching experts or even book onto our free two day Diploma in Coaching. Choose whichever one suits you best.

As Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” You will get that habit when you join us at the Excellence Culture Coaching Academy. We look forward to meeting you soon.