Allan’s NLP+® Story


Allan Harris NLP+ Story

Allan Harris, recent retiree from the Army after 24 years service. He has thoroughly enjoyed his career in the military, it has given him the chance to travel to some fantastic places and meet some inspirational people.

1 What was your original purpose for taking your NLP+® training; what did you want to get from taking the Training?

Having previously attended an NLP course for presenters, I found the whole subject fascinating and wanted to continue my studies, therefore enrolling in the NLP Practitioner training. Not only to develop my own knowledge but to allow me to gain the relevant skills and qualifications to practice and assist others.

2 What did you learn during your Training, which achieved your purpose for attending?

I learnt that the subject of NLP was more fascinating than I once thought. It gave me the confidence and credibility to practice my skills with others.

Also by utilizing Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy as well as techniques from NLP allowed me to have a wider understanding of client’s issues, but more importantly gives more flexibility to help deal with these problems.

3  Please give specific examples of how else you benefited from attending the Training in addition to your original purpose.

By practicing the skills taught to gain confidence. Plus when practicing, it was great to have Mark, Nicky or any of the coaching assistants there on hand to offer guidance and advice.

Meeting new people, this is the first course I have attended away from the military environment and it was fantastic to meet new people, share experiences and network for the future.

4 What difference has attending the Training made to you/your Business etc. following the Training?

The difference in me from attending the training has been dramatic. Leaving the Army is a big step, having served for such a long time you tend to think that it’s all you know. I found myself getting very nervous with regard to gaining employment and possible business ventures, perhaps an element of self doubt crept in. However, from conducting the training, my self confidence has gone from strength to strength, allowing me to concentrate on achieving my outcomes for the future.

5 Any epiphanies?

The main epiphany I have always had in this whole process is that:

“If you change the way someone thinks, you will change the way they feel and therefore change the way they behave.” Communication model at its best, Brilliant

6 What is your impression of Mark and Nicky’s teaching/coaching style – would you recommend them and why?

Mark and Nicky were outstanding, their teaching/coaching is fantastic. Their delivery of the subject matter is clear, precise and done in such a manner that they captivate the audience. The ability to answer any and all questions is testament to their subject knowledge. I would happily recommend them as they are extremely approachable, professional and go that extra mile to assist their students in any way they can.