Anthony’s NLP+® Story


From an Interview with Anthony McCourt, Graduate of the Accelerated NLP+® 8-Day Multi Certification Practitioner Training

Mr McCourt is the founder and owner of Court Collaboration, the youngest ever winner of the Birmingham Young Professional of the Year Award and has been recognised as one of Midlands Insiders’ ’42 under 42′ entrepreneurs to watch. Read more about him here.

Q: What was your original purpose for taking your NLP+® training; what did you want to get from taking the Training?

A: My original reasons for taking the course had to do with ‘growing pains’ – We’re a ‘gazelle’ company, meaning we deliver more than on paper. There are certain personal and professional challenges in that. I felt I needed to ‘Spring Clean’ or recharge, and to learn new tactics and strategies to use in business every day.

Q: What impression did you have of NLP, before you spoke with Mark and Nicky?

A: I reluctantly came to NLP, with a kind of cynicism, before Mark and Nicky changed my mind.  I already had a value set at the time … misconceptions as to the value of NLP, which are common misconceptions.  I believe I got better results when I came to the training, because by then I was open to it.

Q:  How did you feel about taking 8 days out of your busy life to accommodate the training?

A: I came to see that it’s a legitimate time-out from my business where all your attention is in the moment, in the room, and you really have the opportunity to reflect, re-look at the way you do things.  It’s cathartic. You really need to be away from the hustle & bustle of everyday business for it to work and sink in.

Q: What were some of the highlights of the Training?

A: You have the chance to re-address old unfortunate habits, and you come away with tools and methods to move forward. Especially with Time Line Therapy™ you really engage and pick up new ideas and understanding.  It’s incredibly easy to pick up, and it’s applicable to all parts of your life–both personally and professionally.  I sat next to people who came for personal enrichment.

Q:  When you think back on the Training, where else can you see an important application for what you learned?

A: I’m Governor of Birmingham Metropolitan College – the biggest in the U.K. with 40,000 students – it’s further education, which is post-high school, before university.  I personally mentor these kids using NLP tactics, passing on information and knowledge. No true NLP-er would say there’s only one way to better your life, but for the young people with whom I’ve engaged, they have really been inspired by it.  It’s important when you know that 1/3 of Birmingham is under the age of 25!

Q: Do you think you’ve changed as a result of the Training?

A: You can’t not learn about yourself … and you can’t not change when you attend an NLP course!

Q: Any epiphanies?

A: Quite a lot of epiphanies! A few realizations are … a personal one: it totally transformed how I spend my time in business and at networking events because I can do my role now.  I always assumed I was an extrovert, but I discovered I’m actually an introvert!  I preferred to be on my own, and yet I’m in such an extrovert role.  Mark and Nicky told me that it’s not incongruent; the internal conflicts in my head are now resolved!

Q: Any last impressions?

A: I always felt like I was in the driver’s seat–but it’s a very powerful thing to know you’re in the driver’s seat! NLP doesn’t remove challenges in your life and business; what I’ve found is that it gives you a powerful toolbox that helps you, and helps you with others around you!