Dawn’s NLP+® Story


Dawn's NLP+ Story

My name is Dawn Ronson, I am 27 years old and I have recently left the British Army as a Corporal. I have served as a Military Nurse (QARANC) and Combat Medic (RAMC) for just over 10 years travelling to many parts of the world and giving medical attention to those who need it. Since leaving the Army in August 2014 I became a Pre-Assessment nurse and assisted in the set up of a new clinic in a hospital in Birmingham.

1 What was your original purpose for taking your NLP+® training; what did you want to get from taking the Training?

When I first heard about NLP I was highly interested as it would increase my skills initially as a nurse to help my patients and then also to help me in my own personal ways. I initially wanted to link my current job role and NLP to increase the nursing moral and motivation and improve nursing staff within hospitals. I also wanted to improve and get more out of my own life, by gaining new skills and ways of thinking differently.

2 What did you learn during your Training, which achieved your purpose for attending?

During training I learnt so much more than I had anticipated, not only did I learn how NLP can assist my Nursing Career but actually how it can help myself, friends and family around me. Since completing the course this has proven to be correct and I have improved and altered many ways I used to think and act in situations. This as a whole has improved my nursing career and overall well being in life. It has also given me a new career path that I will be pursuing very soon as I have found that connecting NLP with my military background and nursing qualifications is a very special blend of skills.

3  Please give specific examples of how else you benefited from attending the Training in addition to your original purpose.

This course was the first course that I attended out of the military environment, which was very different for myself. I managed to meet a variety of incredible people who had very similar minds and skills in their careers. It gave me a great start to my new life and career within Birmingham away from the military.

The skills I learnt individually were amazing however learning in the way the course was intended and also learning from peers on the course allowed myself to learn in a very different way than before, and to be encouraged and inspired by others around me.

The hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™ parts of the course were very thorough and I had had no previous experience of these subjects. I found that the skills learnt were so powerful and each individual is very different. However no matter the persons background, the hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™ proved very effective and the ‘buzz’ from the course after learning these skills, along with NLP techniques, was a feeling I wont be forgetting.

4 What difference has attending the Training made to you/your Business etc. following the Training?

I have now been researching and communicating with different, like minded people about starting a business/coaching course based from the skills I have learnt from NLP. Since I have served from 16 years of age in the Army, the business side of my career is very unknown for me. The course allowed me to meet people who have been very influential and supportive in my new career ideas.

I have found that the confirmation of NLP has now allowed me to 100% believe that these new skills, techniques, processes and friends has given me the opportunity I needed to be a very successful coach, in helping others around me, which is what my life dream was to be, from my already successful nursing background.

5 Any epiphanies?

I had many of these moments throughout the course, and I think most of them were that after being institutionalised within the military environment, I began to see that the doubts I once had about ‘fitting’ in to a civilian lifestyle and career had vanished.

I also found that one of the best and motivating things I learnt is that no matter what the careers and backgrounds people had, the connection that NLP shared with us all gave us a new exciting feeling that anything is possible. The Meta Model for me has already helped in so many ways, with family, friends and even patients in my care. To be able to ‘see the bigger picture’ gives a new look at a problem or situation. I feel that this is vital in coaching people to feel more confident and comfortable in their situations. As a nurse, this has been a key element for me to use.

Also, understanding that all people have different models of the world, and not everyone has the same values and beliefs, has enabled me to act and behave differently to others, and I have been able to explain this to patients also, and help them when times are difficult.

6 What is your impression of Mark and Nicky’s teaching/coaching style – would you recommend them and why?

Mark and Nicky are an inspiration to me. The way they teach is something I have never seen or experienced before. (They are very different to my military instructors 🙂 )

The way they teach is captivating, and the speed and amount of knowledge they teach us, in a short space of time is unbelievable. I do believe that the high level of skills and knowledge I have, are down to their style, motivation and passion of the subject.

Their subject knowledge and skills are at the top of the game, and being taught by them, and with them, is what will inspire myself and others to take our NLP journeys above and beyond. I would, and already have, recommended them. Absolutely 100%!