Day 03 – Liz’s NLP+ Commonwealth Journey


Day 3 – February 23, 2015

Jane said to meet her by ‘the Bull’ so off I went to the bus stop hear ‘home’ on Pershore…the first bus #45 passed me by (was I supposed to ‘flag it down’ like back home??), and the second one, thankfully stopped since apparently a passenger wanted to get off.

Saw the sign ‘Bullring Market” and got off figuring ‘the Bull’ couldn’t be far away … and it wasn’t! With a few kind directions from a market salesperson, I was there in a flash. Jane arrived on time thankfully, since the icy breeze was decidedly NOT comfortable!

Soon we were at the OPT2XL office getting organized and sorting out finances plus arranging for my laptop to be fixed! Need that technology to work!! A nice warm cup of coffee and then off to change those ‘funky’ £ notes at the bank (LOL!), buy warm, fleece-lined tights for protection against those chilly blasts, and then to experience the warmth and gustatory delights of the Chaopatchya Thai restaurant – tofu in peanut and coconut sauce with vegetables and potatoes (me) and curried chicken (Jane) … yum, yum, yum!!

sign-for-a-thai-restaurant_fk3S6VDdBy this time it was getting late, so between the late hour and traffic I ended up getting home in the dark … at one point I did wonder if I would actually spend the night driving around on the bus, but finally I spied a familiar landmark – a Co-op supermarket!! YEAH! Home to the cats on the doorstep waiting for me, along with a note from Sonia and Tony – please feed the cats as Sonia is in London (she works there during the week) and Tony has a job that will keep him overnight in Scotland! Amazingly trusting people … so sweet!