Day 09 – Liz’s NLP+ Commonwealth Journey


Day 9 – March 1, 2015

Unbelievable that I have been here for over one week! In some respects it feels longer since I have accomplished so much between the placements and the training!

wind-and-rainToday dawned bright and sunny (mind you, I didn’t say WARM!! – no, Spring is definitely NOT here yet!) and it was good to see, if not feel, the sun.  Set off to observe and assist for Day 2 of NLP Practitioner training.

Arriving at the bus stop it suddenly occurred to me “today is Sunday and that means there may be a different bus schedule” – my unconscious mind was definitely (again!) on target – pity it didn’t signal me prior to leaving home since it was quite a wait for the next bus … 40 minutes to be exact!

Anyway, it gave me time to contemplate the day and my goals for the trip (there’s always an upside to everything isn’t here?).  Eventually the 47 double-decker came rolling along and I jumped on.

Today I had to unlearn one of my ‘generalization’ lessons from earlier in the week- sometimes bus drivers are very helpful and let you know when it’s your stop! (perhaps I was in better rapport with this gentleman?!).

So today, we covered sensory acuity, goal setting and yes, rapport! Marked two NLP Practitioner exam scripts (good practice) and learned how to ‘stitch together’ the NLP course seamlessly with components of Time Line Therapy ® while introducing coaching processes and techniques.

For lunch, we visited nearby Sainsbury’s but by this time the rain had started and the wind was quite high – I’m learning all sorts of new skills, like clutching my coat and scarf while holding down the end of my umbrella to keep it from turning inside out!!!

I keep meeting such interesting people at the bus stop – yesterday a lovely Barbadian lady who told me her life story in 10 minutes and then today, two young Italian girls asked me for directions (can you imagine, like I know where to find places!). Tomorrow is Monday and the buses will be back to regular schedules …