Day 10 – Liz’s NLP+ Commonwealth Journey


Day 9 – March 2, 2015

Woke early and was very happy to see a bit of bluish sky through the window … was quite shocked to discover some of that ‘white stuff’ lying on the sidewalk and on a few cars as I made my way to the bus stop … tried to take a photo, but my phone unfortunately died!

At first I thought it was just frost, but as we passed some areas in the bus, I realized for sure that it was indeed the ‘s’ word!!

see hear speak no evilSteve, one of the Coaching Assistants (“speak no evil” – at left) told me that it was all my fault – clearly the weather was determined to give me a taste of all the British patterns – rain, wind (the day before); sun, and of course today, SNOW! Well, I hope I get to experience the warmth of summer too!

Our NLP Practitioner Day 3, focused on Sub-Modalities and I got to partner with two participants for Mapping Across and the SWISH Pattern – great practice … then in the afternoon it was time to switch gears and move into the Linguistic section of NLP where we had great fun and learning chunking up, down and sideways – mental gymnastics to build problem solving muscles!

The afternoon progressed into the hypnotic patterns of Milton Erickson which made us realize just how much of the time we are ‘tranced out’ and fall under the spell of politicians and marketers in particular.

Most of us live unquestioning lives and we found out that some who dare to go against these norms are now diagnosed as having Oppositional Defensive Disorder (ODD for short!) … so watch out NLPers – make sure you do not get put into this box!

Then it was time to Reframe everything and to realize that being ODD may not be such a bad thing – perhaps it’s just an Obviously Discerning Discipline! It’s all a matter of context and meaning!