Day 11 – Liz’s NLP+ Commonwealth Journey


Day 11 – March 3, 2015

Custard Factory Alley - Tree ManThe day dawned bright and beautiful and I was thrilled that I was really on time for my appointment with Prince’s Trust. The bus came swiftly and away I went, disembarking barely 20 minutes later at the Birmingham City Centre, near to the “Bull” now well known to me. The walk to the Custard Factory, being quite familiar, was made in record time up the usual alley … only to realize it was 8:05am and the reception did not open until 8:30am … oh well, might as well have a cappuccino at Yumm! What a good idea! Warm, frothy, made with soya milk, it was just what the doctor ordered to warm the chilled bones!

At exactly 8:30am I made my way back to the reception. The receptionist kindly made a call upstairs to Carrie to let her know I was there. Soon enough down came Carrie looking somewhat surprised and perplexed – after all, my appointment was tomorrow!

Well, yet another ‘blonde moment’!! I went upstairs anyway, just to see if it might have been possible to rearrange my next visit (to Stoke-on-Trent) for that day. No luck! I decided to use the opportunity to snap a few photos before making my way back to the bus to go north to attend Day 4 of the NLP Practitioner training. Never waste a moment!

So after quite a tour of the city, I finally arrived in Longbridge at the Bournville College Conference Centre having missed only the first 45 minutes of class! Of course, everyone was surprised to see me since I had told them I would be off on my placement for the next two days … we all had quite a laugh! I dove into the day’s training – Metaphors (I actually used the morning’s experience to help a colleague see the ‘lighter side of life’ – see, everything has a purpose!!); and Anchoring – the latter expertly delivered by Jane.

Custard Factory 2Today we ended earlier than usual to allow, as Nicky put it, “for persons to make their trips to the Post Office”! It was miraculously sunny for the entire day – here’s another thing I’ve learnt – the fact that it is sunny doesn’t mean it is warm!! It was really just as cold as the day before … I wonder when Spring is coming??