Day 13 – Liz’s NLP+ Commonwealth Journey


Day 13 – March 5, 2015

Another unbelievably sunny day!! I will soon feel quite at home here!!!  Today I didn’t do the ‘tour of the city’ before going to Day 6 of the Practitioner training … it was just one bus-ride to Longbridge!

Our subjects today were Time Line Therapy ® developed by Tad James – how to eliminate negative emotions and limiting beliefs in a flash (the average is time is 7 ½ minutes!!) as well as put a goal into your timeline – the latter having been covered earlier in the programme) and Parts Integration (a technique to effectively deal with merging the proverbial ‘devil’ and ‘angel’ part of you and all other kinds of internal conflicts- now wouldn’t that be a great thing to do??).

By the end of the day everyone was physiologically looking different, relieved of the baggage of years of negative ‘stuff’ despite the scepticism of the doubting Thomas’ of the group!  Who needs chamomile tea?!


Speaking of tea, one of the participants, Andrea, brought a huge tin of home baked goodies, “Monte Creams”. I must say they looked extremely tempting and since they were ‘gluten-free’ I decided to share one with Thomas … absolutely sinful! Thanks Andrea for the treat!