Day 14 – Liz’s NLP+ Commonwealth Journey


Day 14 – March 6, 2015

Day 14Amazingly, it was sunny again today and, for the first time I actually felt a slight warmth from the sun!  Well, of course, when the sun dips all bets are off as to the temperature!

Can hardly believe that 2 weeks today I was setting out on this adventure in Birmingham to upgrade my NLP skills, continue my personal transformation and learn new ways to reach young people who need and want to become productive citizens. I have gained so much already and I still have another two weeks to go!


Today was Day 7 of the NLP Practitioner training and we started the day with Spelling and Learning Strategies and watched a demonstration of how to install an effective spelling technique in less than 5 minutes! All our teachers need to know how to do this, don’t you think?

Then we moved on to the elimination of Limiting Decisions or Beliefs using Time Line Therapy ® (can you imagine you can get rid of draining beliefs like “I’m not deserving of … (fill in the blanks)” in just a few short minutes?) and then deal with anxiety as well?

Day 14 1
The afternoon was dedicated to Hypnotherapy and trance induction – did you know that everyone experiences some level of ‘trance’ on a daily basis? – which simply cause the alteration of our brain waves?





We had fun doing Arm Catalepsy and yours truly got caught on camera! Well, right now, another level of trance is setting in and I feel my eye-lids getting slowly heavier, unable to keep them open … yawn … tomorrow is another day …

Day 14 2