Day 16 – Liz’s NLP+ Commonwealth Journey


Day 16 – March 8, 2015

ki churchMy first Sunday off since the Sunday after I arrived and it dawned grey and cold … not to worry, my spirits could not be dampened!

I was visited by my ex-sister in law from Leek and we had a lovely time at the Kitchen Garden Café in Kings Heath a nearby town. An eclectic atmosphere with organic meals , we had a bit of excitement when a young kitchen staff member who had obviously had quite a row with someone, picked up her bag, amid quite a bit of ‘cussing’, flew past us at the entrance, banged the door and just to make sure it was shut, turned around and gave it a swift, hard kick!!


kitchen garden cafekitchen garden courtyard

It was quite a performance, and strangely enough, no-one batted an eye-lid … perhaps this had happened before, since in about 15 minutes, she returned, very quietly and returned to her work station! Nothing a session of Time Line Therapy ® couldn’t fix if she was so inclined! (I wonder what the colleagues were ‘projecting’??? ). Fortunately, this episode did not all detract from the experience or the delicious cutlet with roasted vegetables and a glass of red wine! It certainly compensated for the rain outside!!





ki whats on

On the way back to our car we stopped to browse in a ‘charity’ store since I had never been in one, and I had fun finding some unbelievable bargains … and you are probably wondering exactly what I would find in there, one would just never know… !!