Day 23 – Liz’s NLP+ Commonwealth Journey


Day 23 – March 15, 2015

First day of Master Practitioner in Rubery and figuring out the bus system was an interesting experience!

After taking the 11C I jumped off and waited where I thought I should wait for the 63 to Rubery. Well, 15 minutes later, the bus arrived … fortunately, being a bit uncertain of directions, I decided to ask the driver a question or two and discovered that that bus would be heading FROM Rubery to Birmingham!! So, why did Liz cross to the other side of the road?

Soon enough, the 63 going in the right direction arrived and I sat beside a delightful lady on her way to Church who showed me exactly where to get off, just in front of Morrison’s supermarket! Miraculously, I arrived on time!

The day was productively spent ‘reconnecting the neural networks’ with important NLP themes such as ‘Cause and Effect, Responsibility for Change, Perception is Projection and Neuro-Transmitters Bathe Every Cell of our Body, Principles for Success, 4 Steps to Learning, Sensory Acuity, NLP Presuppositions and the magic of Metaphors’.

In the breaks, I practiced my running skills, racing between the Nuffield Health Centre and Morrison’s to purchase my new red journal and to replenish my food supplies! Part of my keep fit campaign!

My return journey home was a little less exciting but still good for my fitness level! As I waited for the 11C to return home, I realized that only the 11A passed that stop – so I befriended a Nigerian lady who kindly told me that the bus went past Cotteridge and pointed out the stop where I needed to get off, since she thought that this was where I wanted to disembark (Cotteridge is the nearest substantial point on the route). So disembark I did, and 20 minutes later I arrived home on foot with my groceries!

chocolate By the time I reached home I had completely forgotten it was Mother’s Day (here) and was only reminded when I reached upstairs and saw a beautifully packaged bar of dark Ghanian Fair Trade chocolate with a card on my laptop … the owners of the house where I live at Shirley Street, Sonia and Tony had bought it for me! They truly are delightful people and we have become fast friends!