Day 25 – Liz’s NLP+ Commonwealth Journey


More grey…with a teeny tiny bit of sunshine in the afternoon!


Day 3 of Master Prac was all about shaking up our views of reality with Quantum Physics! Is light a particle or a wave? The plasticity of the brain and if things are changed by the act of observing, what does observation do to history? We looked at Geoengineering, Out of Place Artefacts, memory as a hologram in your body, multi-dimensional realities, morphogenic fields and Prigonine’s Postulation – change happens at the extremes and at the point of bifurcation, the choice-point, there can either be a move towards more chaos or a new order!


In essence, we examined and considered our relationship with the Universe and how, with these new understandings we actually do have the power to create our desired realities (and if all of this is double Dutch to you, then, it probably means that you should consider attending the next Master Practitioner course, coming soon, to a location near you!!!


On Screen


We finished the day with more mundane stuff – the NLP Negotiation Model – which is extremely useful for, amongst other things, reaching agreement with others on the importance of NLP! Today I had the opportunity to work one-on-one with a participant who had unavoidably missed yesterday’s afternoon session and to ‘catch him up’ – way to go Ed!!