Day 28 – Liz’s NLP+ Commonwealth Journey


Today was my last bus trip and I studied the route, observing every landmark and street almost with a sense of pre-nostalgia…Today was also the solar eclipse and soon I was walking past Sainsbury’s through the short-cut where the birds have greeted me with their morning calls, and where I began to see (and feel!) the on-set of the phenomenon.


By the time I arrived at Nuffield Health Centre it appeared to be twilight…fascinating! Apparently the view from Birmingham was one of the best owing to the fairly clear skies.


After a brief ‘viewing’ it was back to business literally, with an important morning session on Corporate Values Alignment, using the Robert Dilts Model as a foundational support; next it was Quantum Linguistics – Sleight of Mouth patterns and Prime Concerns…ending the day with the origins of ‘Spin’ with Edward Bernays who single-handedly changed the concept of ‘propaganda’ to ‘public relations’ in the mid-20th Century…as if our heads weren’t already ‘spinning’ enough after a day of reframing and inductive reasoning! I fantasized about how to use these patterns to completely confuse and bewilder my friends back home…J.


mark and nicky-ltblogcurry gone


The day closed with vegetarian curries at Jyoti’s Restaurant compliments of Mark and Nicky to celebrate the successful ending of my Commonwealth Fellowship journey. Jane joined us and a good time and delicious food were enjoyed by all…we were so hungry we didn’t even stop to take photos before it was too late…and the damage was already done!!