Day 29 – Liz’s NLP+ Commonwealth Journey


Saturday…my last one in the UK! Seriously I can’t believe how fast the past 28 days and nights have slipped by.


My Birmingham family, Sonia and Tony, insisted that instead of taking a taxi with my small suitcase to my final day of class, that Tony would drop me off, since I would be leaving Longbridge directly via train to meet my friend, Elizabeth in Euston, London. So, off we went in the little buggy to Rubery with a very appreciative me…I hope one day that I will have the opportunity to return their wonderful hospitality!


The last morning of Master Practitioner Module 1 was spent exploring ways to effectively manage ‘spin’, reviewing a very powerful and important NLP technique, Parts Integration, and transitioning to Linguistic Parts Integration, a useful complement especially when the overt use of the hands which is a normal component of the technique, may not be convenient nor appropriate!


liz outside 42


After quite a bit of picture taking, a quick lunch and nuff good-bye hugs and kisses, Jane whisked me off to the Longbridge train station. There I was able to retrieve my ticket purchased on line about ten days previously, using a ticket kiosk (another new experience!) and was soon on my way to Birmingham City Centre (New Street) where I had to change trains for London.


I must say that finding the correct platform was a bit bewildering, and, as usual, I was able to do so JUST IN TIME! I realized that sending my large suitcase ahead of me was the one of the BEST decisions I had made…I could not imagine how I would have managed with another 28 kilos to pull around!


On arrival in Euston I finally found my friend, Elizabeth, after about 15 minutes of hunting…good thing she had my cell number! It’s too easy to ‘get lost’ in the crowd and just end up going around in circles!


The warmer days of mid-week had melted and given way to the return of icy blasts…standing waiting for a taxi became tolerable only after a steaming cappuccino!


Soon we were pulling into a familiar drive-way in The Ridgeway, Mill Hill and I entered the warm embrace of friends to spend my last two nights in the UK!


hungry cats


What an incredible journey, what tremendous learnings and growth, what wonderful experiences of new places and people, new acquaintances and friends made, what potential and possibilities explored and plans developed…a new chapter of life begun and ended…a new book to write!