Excellence is the New Black!


Excellence Culture Coaching Academy - Excellence is the New Black. Birmingham UK

The Excellence Culture – Excellence is the new black!

Do you remember when the measure of business performance was by being marked as ‘Good’? Then the measure went from ‘Good to Great’ led by Jim Collins in 2001. There were also other measures around such as ‘Quality’ and ‘Quality marks’.

Well now there is only one measure and that is Excellence.

Think about it, it has to be so just by defining the words. Most dictionaries will summarize the word ‘great’ as being associated with above average or more than usual whilst ‘excellence’ is as outstanding or extremely good. Would you rather be great at something or excellent at it?

Well you know which one we chose because that’s why we are ‘The Excellence Culture’

Just like black has always been seen as stylish and has stood the test of time within the fashion industry, then excellence is the culture your business should be wearing as standard to take you forward and future proof your business.

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