Help! Which Type of Coach Should I Be?


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Help! Which type of coach should I be?

That was the cry that I heard from the office from Nicky when she was researching NLP and coaching courses a number of years ago. Which do we choose? – NLP Coach, Life Coach, Small Business Coach, Executive Coach, Sports Coach, Corporate Coach, NLP Practitioner, Youth Coach … and so it goes on from the growing list of coaching names!

If you have been looking for a coaching course you have probably hit this problem, total overwhelm over what type of coaching course to take. Well here at the Excellence Culture Coaching Academy we have the answer for you as to what type of coach you need to be … an excellent one!

Why? All Coaching is Life Coaching!

Think about it–when you coach someone you are coaching them as a person, an individual and they come with … a life. The names given to coaching are really just contexts to coach within. All areas of life impact on each other, they are not mutually exclusive: that’s why everyone needs a Taylored life!

Look at it this way: if you are a Corporate, Business or Executive coach you will know that the problems that stop people from getting the performance that they and the business want are usually from another area of their life. They may have problems with their relationships or are worried about family or have a health problem or money issues or don’t get enough leisure time. Until these are sorted out forget about increased business performance.

That reminds us of a coaching client … (here’s a Coaching Case Study)

We had a client, a few years ago, who owns three very successful companies around the world and he came to us because he felt the results that he was getting weren’t as good as they should be. He was so busy that his wife had made all enquiries on his behalf, selected his coach and made the appointment for him. This is great information even before you start the coaching process!

He was so busy that his wife had made all enquiries on his behalf, selected his coach and made the appointment for him!

When he turned up for his first session we took the Taylored life approach when we took the detailed personal history connected to the presenting problem, as taught on our courses, and his first task was to go and play golf! He couldn’t believe his luck.

We started bringing into his awareness other areas of his life that were impacting on his business performance, which he had been unconsciously aware of. Sure we did lots of other excellent techniques with him and he got awesome results by following the coaching process.

Back to the article …

This will be the same whatever context you choose to coach in; people’s lives and things from the past will be the reasons that stop them being, having and doing what they want and to be the best that they possibly can be in any given situation.

People don’t just leave the rest of their lives at the work door (as much as some employers may like) wherever they go they take them with them! This may not be a groundbreaking revelation you may feel but why do so many coaches ignore it?

The answer to this question and many more about becoming an excellent coach can be found in our Free Guide to Choosing Your Coaching Course or by attending our free coaching weekend in July.

Remember the only kind of coach to be is an Excellent one!