Kim’s NLP+® Story


Kim Roberts NLP+ Story

Kim Roberts is a registered Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with a diverse background and skillset within acute, day services and community settings. Her experience also includes working within Forensic Child and Adolescent Medium Secure settings; assessing students through their Level 5 Health and Social Care Qualifications; teaching; and acting as project manager building a brand new reablement ward in City Hospital Birmingham.

1 What was your original purpose for taking your NLP+® training; what did you want to get from taking the Training?

I have always been therapy minded and deep down in my inner being I knew there had to be more than just medication to treat what is known as ‘mental illness’. After observing many patients I saw little improvement after CBT therapy but noticed how many people would become reliant on medication as if it was the only answer to crippling emotional and mental states that individuals would find themselves in for years and years of suffering mental and emotional states of being.

So I guess this is where my life took me to another level of searching and wanting to find answers to the questions I would ask myself knowing deep down inside there has to be another way to help humanity and end the suffering in this field of work I find myself in.

With this in mind through various ways and means, my new path of discovery led me to The Taylored Life Company (then called OPT2XL) where I met Mark & Nicky and proceeded to undertake an NLP course with them. To my amazement all that I was seeking began to unfold before me as if it was an appointed time for me to learn that there really was another way that would equip me to go on to work with individuals helping to set humanity free without endless medication and therapies that are very personally intrusive that are limited and bring little results in my experience.

2 What did you learn during your Training, which achieved your purpose for attending?

What I learnt was during my training is that the techniques taught were so simple yet so powerful in creating change in ourselves and others at the deepest level of our personality in eliminating negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and limited negative beliefs. I learnt that people don’t have to suffer a lifetime of entrapment of such harmful beliefs but truly can be free of if they so choose if they know about NLP, my aim is to take this newfound knowledge to the nations one heart at a time and believe this to be my true goal in life.

The training has richly rewarded me personally as my whole approach to life has changed, I’ve changed, and where by all I want to do is give this wonderful gift to others as a career. One major impact this training has had on me is the importance of building rapport with people/clients and how to do this effectively as this is key to opening the doors to positive communicate in order for a person to feel, heard and understood hence taking positive steps toward totally freedom through this therapy, unlike anything I’ve ever known before after years of working as a psychiatric practitioner, working alongside psychologist and psychiatrists consultants.

Once I began to understand how memories were stored in a person’s timeline and what that meant, and learning all about the unconscious mind and how powerful the unconscious mind is, in that when we experience something external, good or bad we do so through our 5 senses. We then make an internal representation of that event processing it through what we call processing filters and these filters are how we distort, generalize and delete the information that comes through those senses, which then will create a response as to how you will behave in situations in your life or life in general be that positive or negative, be that in freedom or bondage.

3 What difference has attending the Training made to you/your Business etc. following the Training?

Following on from the training I have established a business in NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy with my colleague Karen Richards who also took the same training and led us both to The Taylored Life Company (OPT2XL). We initially offered case studies free of charge.

Our business is called Free2Flow Coaching Ltd and we are putting teaching material together especially in the area of communication and intend to approach universities with this teaching as there is more than just fancy words to communication and again as a student nurse back in the day they talked a lot about building therapeutic relationships but looking back I can see how much of what and how people communicate is missed. I aim to expose this or enhance these teachings that the up and coming professions miss time and time again and so patients, clients are misunderstood, not heard and rapport destroyed when people are reaching out for help, guidance and support.

Already the feedback from the case studies are remarkable even after only a few sessions. For example freedom from anxiety, addiction, social phobia, depression, schizophrenia–a certain person was labeled schizophrenic for 15 years; he is now voice free with all negative emotions eliminated). For the first time in his life he doesn’t feel like a label but is now enjoying life like never before and sees the world through new eyes.

There is testimony of one mother who is amazed that after asking for help from Free2Flow: her 8 year old daughter was struggling with retaining spellings and would shy away from homework; 20 minutes with me she was spelling words forwards and backwards. Her mother said she has grown in confidence, no longer shies away from spellings, and is now asking her dad to test her with ease every night. How amazing is that?

4 Any epiphanies?

I had an amazing experience of clearing up my own negative emotions, that at the time I wasn’t fully aware of until I came away from the training and had faced situations whereby I might have responded with anger, hurt, sadness, fear and guilt. The evidence of change in me was how others have commented how calm I am or have been in some quite trying experiences since the NLP training.

This is a big testimony now that I use as evidence that NLP and Time Line Therapy® is life changing, I live it and breath and embrace all that I have learnt and can’t wait for the Master Practitioner course to soak up more insight and techniques to empower myself and all who are sent my way for help in order to have the life they deserve.

I am now of the mindset that everyone should know about NLP and that awareness of should be shouted from the rooftops and not hid under a brush so to speak. Just think of all the people in the world who suffer unnecessarily because they know not this amazing knowledge that they can tap into and live life free. Knowledge is power.

I am so glad to have followed my path to Mark and Nicky (The Taylored Life Company/OPT2XL) as I believe becoming a coach in NLP/ Time Line Therapy® is the most important, self satisfying and rewarding thing I have done in this life time, so many thanks Mark and Nicky for being on your path of creating opportunities for people everywhere in the world especially me.

5 What is your impression of Mark and Nicky’s teaching/coaching style – would you recommend them and why?

I have already recommended Mark and Nicky’s teaching and training to quite a few people and will continue to do so. It is useful not just for developing a career but it is useful for self development for yourself as well as your business.

For me I won’t be losing connection with The Taylored Life Company (OPT2XL) because I believe I was born out of OPT2XL as a NLP practitioner and as they are my role models as coaches, they provide us with continuous updated self development material and training on going. To see them go international is truly good to be part of and admirable in my eyes.