NLP+® Master Trainer Programme


The NLP+® Master Trainer Programme, Birmingham UK

The attainment of the NLP+® Master Trainer qualification is the highest qualification in NLP+® and therefore the requirements to attain this prestigious title are quite rightly rigorous yet attainable.

The requirements ensure not only the attainment of an exceptional level of knowledge and understanding of NLP+® and how to train others in its principles and techniques but also the integration of the highest professional and ethical standards required to be leaders within the NLP+® community.

How To Become Certified As An NLP+® Master Trainer

To be certified as an NLP+® Master Trainer, by the ABNLP through The Taylored Life Company, the NLP+® Trainer must successfully undergo Professional Assessment against the specified criteria, by two Certified Master Trainers who are current, and approved members of the ABNLP to provide NLP+® Training.

The Taylored Life Company NLP+® Master Trainer Programme is first and foremost an advanced professional development programme, which supports the NLP+® Trainer in their continued education and development and achievement of their NLP+® goals. This means that, although there are core criteria to be achieved, the NLP+® Master Trainer Programme will be tailored to an individual’s needs.

The following criteria have been recognized by the ABNLP as exceeding their requirements for NLP Master Trainer Certification (ABNLP NLP Master Trainer criteria) and exceed the criteria of the UK independent NLP membership body the ANLP (ANLP NLP Master Trainer criteria).

Criteria to be met for The Taylored Life Company NLP+® Master Trainer Certification Programme:

  • Being able to document, through the lineage of their NLP+® Trainers or Master Trainers, having been trained in the ‘traditional’ NLP work from the co-creators.
  • A minimum of five consecutive years supervision and assessment by two NLP+® Master Trainers as a certified ABNLP NLP+® Trainer.
  • Attend a minimum of five of the assessing Master Trainers’ trainings where they actively train and coach the students at NLP+® Master Practitioner and Trainer level with a minimum of 3 being at NLP+® Trainers Trainings.
  • The teaching of at least 10 NLP+® Practitioner and 5 NLP+® Master Practitioner trainings as Lead Trainer since qualification as an NLP+® Trainer.
  • Provision of video of teaching at NLP+® Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses including technique demonstrations and exercises.
  • The assessment of the trainer’s NLP+® knowledge through evaluation of their students and delivery of NLP+® training, at the assessing Master Trainers’ trainings.
  • The demonstration of immediate and flawless recall and teaching of any element of NLP+® Practitioner, NLP+® Master Practitioner or NLP+® Trainers Training with no notice or preparation time and no notes. This will include any applicable demonstrations and exercises.
  • Being able to think and therefore discuss at least 2 logical levels above the content of Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer level of NLP+®.
  • Successfully conduct, on request, and without notice a Demo Day during the NLP+® Trainer’s Training and Evaluation under direct Master Trainer supervision.
  • Provide evidence of a significant contribution that adds value to the NLP+® community, seen through such things as research, articles, books, products, social media
  • There are other criteria, which are more subjective and will be discussed with the supervising Master Trainers.

Once accepted onto The Taylored Life Company NLP+® Master Trainer Certification Programme, a Mentor Master Trainer and a Reviewing Master Trainer will be appointed.

On attainment of NLP+® Master Trainer status, completing the ABNLP requirements for Continued Professional Development on a yearly basis will fulfill its maintenance.

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