Person-Centered Healthcare


NLP Complements Medicine - Person Centered Healthcare

We are often asked if NLP and Time Line Therapy® can be used with health issues. Can they be used to assist with medical problems and disease? The answer is most definitely, Yes.

When using NLP and Time Line Therapy® with health related matters we do not claim to cure anything; we see our role as being complementary to current medical practice. We believe that our techniques and coaching form an integrated and holistic approach to treating dis-ease in the body alongside existing healthcare that is being received.

The strength of NLP and Time Line Therapy® is that it stimulates and then employs the person’s existing inner resources to work on their own health, healing and well-being. They assist the healing process from the inside – out and are the perfect ally for usual allopathic medical practice.

The use of a person’s inner resources is well documented in the placebo effect. Where a person takes a placebo and believes in its healing properties there are often impressive and very effective results. With our use of NLP and Time Line Therapy® we believe that it is possible for everyone to gain similar results to the placebo effect so that they engage with their own healing processes rather than leaving it solely to influences outside of themselves. This is true patient empowerment and person centered healing.

It must be remembered that our bodies have many automatic and natural processes for either preventing us from falling ill or for recovery when we are ill. If you think about when you cut yourself, the body has an automatic process for healing the cut. When you catch a cold your body will automatically put things in place to heal you. When your body stops using its automatic healing processes there must be a reason for this, something is out of balance. NLP and Time Line Therapy® can help us find out the root cause of the problem that has put these automatic processes out of action and restore balance.

The Success Mindset Quiz

NLP and Time Line Therapy® have many effective and simple tools and techniques such as rapport and the meta model which assist with initial communication and help to create a relationship with the person undergoing medical treatment, others such as Swish Pattern which assist to change behaviour and then techniques which release negative emotions and remove limiting beliefs to create an empowering mindset. There are then techniques such as the allergy model and pain paradigm that are specific health interventions.

Within NLP and Time Line Therapy® there is a complete toolkit for personal healthcare empowerment.

If somebody is unwell they can often become despondent, debilitated and desperate. They may take on the mindset that there is nothing that can be done to help them, that they are just a victim of circumstance, that things aren’t fair and they are useless. They will be totally detached from the inner resources that they need. With NLP and Time Line Therapy® these negative assumptions can be challenged and an empowering positive mindset established that will unite them with the inner resources to assist with the healing process.

At the heart of NLP is the process of modeling. This is the process of finding somebody that is excellent at what they do, find out how they do it (the difference that makes the difference), turn it into a process and install it in yourself and others. This is the same with healthcare.

There are many examples of people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to recover from what have been diagnosed as life limiting illness and diseases. Using the NLP process of modeling we can utilise the experiences of others to produce models of excellence in Healthcare. Using this continual feedback from people who do things differently allows us to create flexible person centered healthcare models rather than a one size fits all approach.

This also raises the point that NLP and Time Line Therapy® alone are not some miracle cure. They need to be used as part of a holistic approach with current medical practice and a diet that supports a healthy immune system and regeneration of the body.

When people attend our NLP Practitioner course the first thing that we tell them is the course is first and foremost for their own use, even if their overall objective is to become a coach or use the resources in a work environment. Only when you use the resources of NLP and Time Line Therapy to empower yourself can you empower others.

This empowerment allows you to cause the effects in your life rather than being at the effects of things outside of yourself and this can be used in all areas of your life; Health and Fitness, Relationships, Family, whatever you choose.

So yes, NLP and Time Line Therapy® can be placed at the very centre of your own empowered person centered healthcare. Call us today, to find out all that’s possible with NLP and Time Line Therapy®.