Person Centered Leadership



The Excellence Culture – Person Centered Leadership

Business success is all about performance – individuals make a business so individual performance is business performance. A simple concept yet often individuals within the business can’t relate to or don’t understand how their individual performance actually contributes to the business’s bottom line and its achieving its business objectives.

A important component of the Excellence Culture is that of Person Centered Leadership.

With an Excellence Culture that includes Person Centered Leadership everyone within the business knows that they are leaders whatever their position; they need to take responsibility and understand how what they do contributes to business success.

One of the maxims that we have written on the wall in our office is, ‘Without sales no one gets paid’. Everyone understands their personal responsibility in what they do and how it contributes to the goal of sales. We all are unique leaders in how we contribute to achieving that goal and other goals of the business.

Excellence Culture Mini Case Study

One of our coaching clients, a few years ago, was telling us about a part time job that they had cleaning an office. As she told us about it and how she did a really good job, she lit up like a Christmas tree; she was so passionate about what she did.

When we asked her what drove her on to do such a good job she said,”I know that what I do will impact on the people who use the office the next day, if I make it really nice then they will be able to do their job so much better. Its my job to make sure that they can do their job.” She knew about Person Centered Leadership without knowing it!

Do you create Leaders or Followers?

Does your business create the Excellence Culture by getting everyone to think and act as Leaders or do you create followers who only see the back of the person in front of them?

In a follower culture people just say the right things to please the boss. Their thinking fits within the rules of the business and if asked to come up with something new they just reinvent what has gone before.

People become busy following the rules, they keep their heads down and are busy. They equate being busy to being successful, to doing their best. Is being busy being successful or is it just being busy?

We know lots of people who are busy doing busyness but are not successful at business. Yes you need action to be successful but in a culture that cultivates Leadership, people will know that, action needs to be focused towards achieving the objectives of the business not just to look busy or please the boss.

If you put your head above the parapet, you’re likely to get shot at!

A follower culture is usually part of a blame culture. If something has gone wrong in the business people often resort to blame and start asking why things went wrong this puts people in their defensive boxes because they don’t want to be hit by the blame-culture stick. Their head goes firmly below the parapet.

They will give reasons and excuses as why it went wrong, as they will see it as failure. As part of the Excellence Culture we pose the question, what if anything that happened within the business was just feedback, an opportunity to learn?

Key component of The Excellence Culture: There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

When people work within an Excellence Culture of there being no such things as failure, only feedback, they will take more responsibility, feel free to voice ideas and contribute without fear of rejection or retribution.

With the Excellence Culture and Person Centered Leadership; morale, confidence and results soar.

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