Personality Quiz Discussion – Business

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Here are some of the ways the personality types can impact on Business:

Fitting Square pegs into Round holes.

One of the greatest applications for the use of Personality Types is that of job selection, ensuring that you fit square pegs into square holes. We have experience with a lot of businesses that think that they can pick any individual and then train them for the job. Wrong and expensive! Yes you will need to give someone the necessary training to carry out a role and it is essential for them to start with having the correct personality traits.

So if you look at the four basic personality types in our quiz and were looking for someone to fill the role of quality assurance do you think it would be better to have someone who has the traits of  Extrovert, Intuitor, Feeler, Perceiver or someone who has the traits of Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Judger? Trust us, the second combination will get you the best results.

So look at job roles, work out the personality types that are best suited to the role and make sure that your selection process gathers the right information to select the person with those personality traits.

One of the other areas where knowing and using the information about personality types come into its own in business is managing people.


We often hear people say, “I treat people like I like to be treated myself”. The only problem is people actually like to be treated how THEY want to be treated so when you manage people you need to manage them based on their personality types not yours!

Think about how different the work environment of a Thinker maybe compared to a Feeler. The Thinker may prefer it to be quite neat, clinical, no personal items and they will always be getting round to putting some pictures up whilst the Feeler will probably have their certificates, photographs and pictures on the wall and their favourite quote stuck to the computer.

So if you were the manager and your preference is Thinker and one of your employees is a Feeler, you need to look at how you can facilitate allowing the Feeler to have a working environment that maybe you are not comfortable with.

This is just one example where knowing this information can make a dramatic difference to people’s productivity at work.


If you wish to have a productive, efficient and successful business there is no substitute for selecting a square peg to fit in a square hole and then managing their personalities to get the best from them.

With the information that you have from the four basic personality types you can see how they may assist you in business.

Just think how it would be if you had a more in depth understanding of these and also knew the other 20 complex personality types that we teach. For more information contact us today!