Personality Quiz Discussion – Career

Taylored Career

Here are some of the ways the personality types can impact on Careers:

Are you in the right Job?

Your personality types can indicate which job you are best suited to and it may be best to have, if you want to fit into the role easily and effortlessly.

Most jobs will actually require a combination of the personality types so in the examples below you will see some jobs appear in a number of different types, for example; Writer appears under Introvert, Intuitor and Perceiver which would seem to be a good fit.

If you look at Police work below, it appears under Sensor rather than Intuitor because it may be better to have someone who likes to deal in facts and the rules!

So knowing your personality types from the quiz, which job best suits you?

  • Extrovert – Sales, Social Work, Personal Trainer, Human Resources, Public Relations, Teaching, Event Planner, Performance Artist, Hospitality, Advertising/Marketing
  • Introvert – Financial Services, Accountant, Mathematician, Dentist, Writer, Farmer, Scientific, Technical jobs, Electrician, Builders, Lawyers, Pilots, Repair work, Artist, Engineer, Printer, Carpenter, Architect, Researcher, Graphic Designer, Laboratory Technicians
  • Sensor – Business, Biological Sciences, Office Management, Police work, Banking, Farming, Veterinary Medicine, Production, Technology
  • Intuitor – Research Scientist, Writer, Architect, Mathematician, Musician, Physicist, Psychologist, Minister, Chemist
  • Feeler – Social Services, Nursing, Customer Relations, Minister, Teaching, Counseling
  • Thinker – Politics, Law, Mechanics, Dentist, Medicine, Business, Physical and Biological Sciences
  • Judger – Police, Business, School Principal, Executives, Quality Assurance
  • Perceiver – Writer, Artist, Psychologist, Advertising, Architect, Musician

With the information that you have from the four basic personality types you can see how they may assist you in choosing the right job for your current preferences.

Just think how it would be if you had a more in depth understanding of these and also knew the other 20 complex personality traits that we teach. For more information contact us today!