Pessimism Costs You!


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True Story. Pessimism Costs You Money.

In a recent article in the UK newspaper The Telegraph, it was revealed that optimists earn an average of £157 per month more than they did nine years ago; whereas the most pessimistic had not improved their wages at all over this same period of time.

Is this information sufficient for everyone to believe it is better to be an optimist? ‘I don’t think so’, we hear you say (especially if you are a pessimist!). However, research which appears in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, says

Negative Thoughts Damage Wealth. Get NLP+Research Says: For the First Time Ever, Cynicism is Linked with Earnings.

As Coaches, we have worked with many pessimists over the years and they will tell you that it is much better to be a pessimist so that when things do go wrong they are not surprised or disappointed and this is unlikely to change for the possibility of an extra £2000 a year.

Why do people think negatively?

This pattern of thinking negatively could be described as a safety mechanism, based on a fear of not expecting too much in case it all goes pear shaped (or horribly wrong for our non British readers who are not familiar with the term).

Given that sickness and poor physical and mental health are already linked with negative thinking, what is it that stops people from changing the way that they think?

The Success Mindset Quiz

Is it possible to change the way that you think?

The Telegraph quotes Sports psychiatrist Steve Peters;

“Everyone has an ‘inner chimp’ – a part of the brain which tries to scupper success by negative thinking, laziness and aggression.” “You have to recognise when you are being hijacked by your brain,” Steve says “You can stop it and you can manage it”.

Sounds simple, but do we really want to manage negative thinking?

At The Taylored Life Company we take the view that it’s not about managing negative thinking, it’s about treating everyone as an individual and understanding what it is that holds that person back, as for everyone it will be different.

We Believe You Should Get to the Source Instead.

Once we know that, we use the mind-set and techniques of NLP+ to release any stored negative emotions and self limiting beliefs completely, that’s not to say that the person will never feel negative emotions again, it’s about dealing with its root cause.

Many people in the public eye, who are seen to be confident and successful, tell us that they are masking how they really feel. Although they appear calm, collected and self-assured, they liken themselves to a swan gliding gracefully across the water; whilst underneath the surface they are paddling furiously to keep themselves afloat.

They often battle through fear of failure, lack of confidence and even fear of success in some cases, on a daily basis. This kind of repeated negative thinking will take its toll both on the mind and the body and can also impact on their success.

Once we have worked with them, they feel as successful on the inside as they appear to everyone else on the outside and this is then reflected in their results.

Get Rid of the Gremlins & Inner Chimps with NLP+ and Wealth Just May Stick to You.

When you think about how far you have got in life now and how much more you can achieve without those gremlins, or your ‘inner chimp’ as Steve Peters puts it, isn’t that enough for you to want to change the way that you think and improve your wealth at the same time? Talk to us to see how we can help put you on the upward path starting Today.