Secret: Success is In Your Mind


We are What We Think - NLP+ in Birmingham UK

We are going to share with you a really interesting fact about why NLP+ is fast becoming the very best way to achieve huge personal growth and exceed even your own expectations!

Do you know that according to the US Science Foundation you have around 50,000 thoughts per day? In some people this can actually double. That’s a lot of thinking that we all do every day and apparently up to 80% of those thoughts are negative. Those are literally mind-blowing figures.

A large amount of those thoughts are repeated daily as a result of the mind-set that you hold. That mind-set will determine your focus, which will determine your actions, which in turn will determine the results that you get in your life. The results will then reinforce the original mind-set through your beliefs and the cycle will continue.

As Dr Leonard Orr observed, ‘What the thinker thinks, the prover proves’. So whatever you think you will look to prove in life. So if you think you have limiting beliefs about yourself guess what you will then look to prove.

So if your thoughts are negative then chances are your results in life will be negative as well.

So left to your own devices how are you doing on the positive thought front and having control of the focus for those 50,000 thoughts a day?

This is where NLP+ with Time Line Therapy® come into their own as being the complete toolkit for your focus, to control those 50,000 thoughts a day and gain the results that you want in life.

When you learn these advanced mind technologies you have all of the tools to support and change the mind processes at each step of the cycle that we laid out above. This gives you total control over your mind and your results, guaranteed. How fantastic is that?

This total control of thought processes is the mind-set of those who excel in life and it can be yours too! When you think about how much you will benefit from learning this and the results that you expect to get, think again as it will exceed all of your expectations!  Check out what people are saying about our Trainings!

Remember, ‘What the thinker thinks, the prover proves’ – You are what you think!