So you want to be a Coach


Excellence Culture Coaching Academy delivers results based on your personality

At the heart of Coaching lies the ability to facilitate change and transformation in people’s lives. People enlist the help of coaches because they want to do something different, they want to have a problem solved or maximize their potential or take their skills to a whole new level.

So a Coach has to have the mindset and tools that are needed to be an agent of change ‘par excellence’. So which coach training and coach training provider should you choose?

Making your decision can be a bit daunting with every company having its own marketing chatter looking to convince you that their approach is best. But which one is best for you?

Is it just a case of best price, or most features, or longest in the market, or a nice looking certificate, or one of many other benefits that may be put forward?

Here are some things that you may wish to consider when thinking about coaching as a career and who to train with:

  • What outcome do you want from becoming a coach? What’s your purpose for learning it?
  • What’s your preferred learning style?
  • What will you have learnt by the end of your study? How will you measure your achievement?
  • What will you be using your skills for once you have taken the course?
  • Is it important to you that there is a qualification or accreditation? Why is that important?

You may have heard of the coaching phrase ‘Start with the end in mind’, by considering these things it will help you shape where you need to start and which company may suit your needs the best. If you don’t fully understand what you want you may be persuaded to buy something that ends up being of little value to you in the future.

With your outcome for training in mind you can now sift through the myriad of qualifications, accreditation and certifications that are offered.

Because coaching is an unregulated industry there is no set standard or qualification to be a coach and there are many different arguments for and against bringing in regulation and what the standard should be.

In our experience the public or organizations don’t actually care. Nobody has ever asked to see our certificates or questioned us about the professional bodies that we belong to. They come to us for help and they care about the result.

In our opinion the best course to take is the one that suits you as a person and encourages you to coach from your own personality rather than turn you into a systematic coaching robot. It’s all about the mindset.

Think about it! If you were being coached who would you prefer and have faith in getting results for you? The coach who just takes you through a totally structured session using lots of nice sounding models or someone who is real with a personality and has sorted their own sh*tuff out?

We believe that you need to learn how to actually be a coach first rather than the step-by-step guide of how to run a session and coaching models. You bring your own personal wisdom; lessons learnt in life and experience to the sessions, which makes it personal to you and your client.

So the course that you take should be ‘Taylored’ to you to reflect your own individual personal development within the role, as without it your success will be limited because when coaching you won’t be yourself, you will be someone else, an alter ego known as ‘the coach’.

If you would like more information about this subject why not either give us a call to speak personally with one of our experienced coaches or send us an email or attend our free two-day Diploma in Coaching.