Tayloring Lives Tayloring Minds with NLP+ in Birmingham UK

Tayloring Lives; How it all evolved


We have always had an interest in developing people and making a difference, when we look back on both of our lives, it really has been our life’s purpose to assist people to achieve their potential.

During our amazing journey, so far, we have had many insights into life and how to get the best from it. One of three key insights that we have had into human behaviour and success is that everything that we do in life is a choice.

Just think for a moment: how empowering is that, that everything that has happened in your life is a choice at either the conscious or unconscious level. There is always a choice, however unpalatable it may appear it is still a choice. That means that you are in control of everything that you do and the results that you get.

Having had this insight we called our first coaching company Opt 2 B Ltd … Opt is a very strong word for choice … you Opt in or Opt out and then you choose to be who you want to be … so always Opt2B.

Another insight into life that we’ve had is that you should always aim for excellence. Not good, not great, but excellent. Excellence is the new black. Excellence is the difference that makes the difference.

Just think if you want to use someone as an example to follow to get success, do you want someone who is good, great, or excellent at what they do? Excellence is the winner every time! That’s why we chose the name of Opt 2 XL Ltd for our NLP+® training company. When you choose to train NLP+® with Mark and Nicky you choose to excel … you Opt2XL.

Running alongside Opt2B and Opt2XL we also developed the concept of the Excellence Culture with our company The Excellence Culture Ltd. The Excellence Culture Coaching Academy has also grown out of the Excellence Culture because coaching is all about excellence.

We have continually developed, refined and improved our training courses becoming experts and leaders in the technologies of NLP, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis delivering excellence every time. We now deliver NLP+® which reflects the extra that people get by training with us.

All of this has now evolved into the Taylored Life Company because that is what we do; we give people the mindset and toolkit to have a Taylored Life to get what they want out of life.  Contact us today for a no-obligation exploration of how you can get started on lasting change.

We have further exciting developments planned for the Taylored Life Company so stay with us on this wonderful evolutionary journey and grow and evolve with us.

~Mark & Nicola Taylor