The Academy – What’s In It For Me?



The Excellence Culture Coaching Academy – What’s in it for me?

When you are looking for the right company to take your training with, we know you will find that the Excellence Culture Coaching Academy stands head and shoulders above the rest.

We say this because in addition to World leading Trainings these are the essentials that you can expect from training to become a Coach with us:

  • Pre course support from one of our Coaching experts to answer any questions and prepare you fully for your training
  • A personal interview with one of our Coaches to establish your goals for the training so that the training will be ‘taylored’ to meet your personal needs.
  • Two internationally fully qualified trainers, who are also experienced coaches, as your trainers backed up by a staff of qualified hand picked coaching assistants.

Plus: A 28 day online review Programme after your coach training to consolidate what you have learned followed by:

  • Live webinars with Coaching Directors Mark & Nicky Taylor, who will personally answer any of your questions
  • Unrivalled support from one of our Coaching Team both whilst you are learning and after your Training
  • Assistance with the practicalities that you need to know to get your Coaching Business up and running
  • Invitation to attend Excellence Culture Coaching Academy CPD events each year.
  • Free entry onto our Coaching Assistants Programme – re-attend your Training as one of our Team, put your coaching skills into practice and gain CPD at the same time
  • You become part of a network of professional, friendly, helpful Coaches, trained by the Excellence Culture Coaching Academy, to share your experiences and offer each other support as you build your Business.
  • A guarantee that we will be with you every step of the way for you to achieve and put into practice your goals that were originally agreed right at the beginning in your personal interview.
  • The biggest thing … We Care! We are not some large, faceless, stuffed shirt company that just churns out coaching trainings we are personable, approachable and deliver excellence with a sense of humour.

You will probably have already found out that with other coaching companies most of the above are extras but these are essentials when you train with the Excellence Culture Coaching Academy because we give excellence as standard. Take the tour by booking our Free 2-Day Excellence Culture Coaching Diploma in July!