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The Excellence Culture – A New Way Forward


The New Way Forward for People and Business


You are reading this because you want something different, new ideas, new ways of thinking. You know that the current way of thinking, of doing things, isn’t getting the results that you want. These are the things that you will gain through the Excellence Culture.

We just want to start by telling you a story, a story that we think will put things into perspective as to what is currently happening in the world.

In our garden we have a feeder where we hang peanuts for the birds and the feeders have often been destroyed by a squirrel in his quest to take all of the nuts. In an effort to stop the squirrel we bought a feeder that was advertised as squirrel proof. Proud of our purchase and solution to halting the greedy squirrel we sat in anticipation and awaited the arrival of the squirrel.

The squirrel duly arrived and we sat smugly waiting to see him fail. He assessed the feeder from a number of angles and with the dexterity and flexibility that would put an Olympic gymnast to shame he worked out how to get into the feeder and take the nuts. We looked on with shock and then realised no one had told the squirrel that it was squirrel proof.

So what does this story have to do with business and the Excellence Culture?Excellence Culture Coaching Academy Birmingham UK - No Boxes Thinking

What if the squirrel had read the box that our feeder had come in? What if he then had a look at the feeder and thought, “Yes, looks squirrel proof to me.” What if he then told all of the other squirrels, “Don’t bother with Mark and Nicky’s feeder–it’s squirrel proof”?

Isn’t this what happens in life and business … somebody gains a certain belief about the way things are done … not the way they must be done and then spread that thinking to others. All of the thinking has to fit within the box. This just limits the behavior, capability and thinking of everyone involved.

The Excellence Culture starts from a position of the need to think differently.  Some would say ‘outside of the box’ but we’re like the squirrel when it comes to thinking there is no box!

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