The Secret to Healthy Success


Secret to Healthy Success - NLP+ in Birmingham UK

Wherever you look you can find advice and guidance on Health and Fitness; the latest food craze, diets, how to eat healthy, exercises for a strong core, peak fitness, flexibility and it goes on.

With all of this information being freely available why do people continually fail to improve their health and fitness? Why do they fail to produce success that is consistent in this vitally important area of life?

The answer is failing to learn how to utilize the mind body connection.

When most people think of the mind they think of the Conscious mind and here is the problem. You cannot change by using the Conscious mind alone. That is called ‘Will Power’. If you have ever tried using ‘Will Power’ to change consciously, best of luck with that one! You will know it is doomed to frustration and failure.

To succeed we need the Conscious mind, the goal-setter, to integrate and harness the potential of the Unconscious mind, the goal-getter.

All of your habits, emotions and beliefs are stored and run from the Unconscious mind. These are your preprogrammed responses, which will decide your neurological reactions and therefore your behaviour in any given situation.

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All of your unconscious programs will have at one time or another produced you a positive result. The problem is that they may have worked back in the day but no longer work now. Just like our computer needs new software to keep pace with change so does your Unconscious mind.

So all of the information in the world on health and fitness will not work if you are running outdated programs at the unconscious level. Life will just feel like a merry-go-round of self-sabotage.

Knowing this is a great start because it gives you the opening to consistent, lasting change but how do you actually do it?

This is where NLP+ comes in, by the use of NLP, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis you are in charge of your own unconscious program software updates. You can be free from negative emotions that stop you, let go of the beliefs that hold you back, change old habits that no longer serve you well and gain the motivation that will propel you towards the Health and Fitness that you want.

Now that you know the secret, it is up to you to take the necessary action to ensure healthy success! Contact us today for a no-obligation call to see how easily and quickly you can get to lasting change.