UK Hypnosis+ Trainer’s Training


UK Hypnosis+ Trainers Training – Birmingham


Do you want to become a Certified Trainer of Hypnosis in just 5 days?

Whether you are new to Hypnosis or are a seasoned professional this Hypnosis Trainers Training is for you and if you haven’t already got it…..

It includes your Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Certification free of charge!

Extra Bonus : We are including in the investment for this training all of the PowerPoint slides and Training Manuals that are required to teach and market your own Hypnosis trainings. An extra Value of £500!

Hypnotising Hypnotists can be tricky, so you don’t want to be any old Hypnosis Trainer you want to be an excellent one certified by The Taylored Life Company.


When you complete your Hypnosis+ Trainers Training with Mark and Nicky you will learn:

  • The skills to become an Internationally Recognised and Certified Hypnosis Trainer
  • The knowledge that you need that you don’t teach your students
  • How to teach the full range of Hypnotic inductions from Indirect and Permissive to Direct and Authoritarian confidently and effectively
  • Gain mastery in explaining differing Hypnotic approaches including Ericksonian, Elman, Estabrooks and Krasner
  • Rapid Inductions that can be used in a variety of situations
  • An Elman style self-hypnosis process that you can use as an introductory training
  • The basics of stage show Hypnosis and Hypnosis for groups, and how to use it for marketing your business
  • How to market and build a successful Hypnosis training business
  • All of the skills to make THE difference in people’s lives!

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The simple answer is anyone who has experience with Hypnosis and has the capability to induce trance in others. This will be shown by your previous successful attendance of a Hypnosis training.

If you have any doubt as to whether you have the necessary previous experience just give the office a call now.


This is a complete qualification and you will be certified as a Master Hypnotherapist (if already not so qualified) AND as a Trainer of Hypnosis, qualified to train others to the level of Hypnotherapist , Certified and Recognised by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH)

All of this comes with the Taylored Life Company unrivalled lifetime support by telephone and/or email with our dedicated, certified in-house coaches and exclusive TLC graduate discount prices on our other trainings.

We are 110% committed to your achievement and success. You will probably have seen a number of Trainers, within the field, who regard themselves as having a celebrity status and are detached from their students – it’s almost an honour for you to speak to them! Mark, Nicky and the rest of Team Taylor are always approachable and there to personally support and help you, in a win-win relationship, to achieve your goals; before, during and after your training.

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Phone No.   +1-888-823-4823
Fax.   +1-888-853-4823   

This training is approved by and exceeds the requirements for membership at the Trainer level of the American Board for Hypnotherapy, which allows you then to run ABH certified Hypnosis trainings.

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