Unlimited Potential in Just One Day


Give us one day–and we’ll give you the world.

Are you familiar with the term, “neuro-linguistic programming”? If you are, then it’s likely that you have seen it – or the acronym, NLP+® – on the cover of all manner of self-help books. You might have even bought and read such books. However, as undoubtedly inspirational as many of them are, here at The Taylored Life Company, we know that there’s no substitute for practical experience that really hammers home that NLP+® message.

Our one-day course introduces you to the unlimited potential of NLP+®

It is for people who are finding self-help books and other NLP+® information sources to be inadequate for their personal development needs that we have introduced the one-day Certificate in NLP+® training course. Starting off with the simple question “what is NLP+®?”, this programme gets you well-versed in the basics, not only making you feel empowered about all of the development possibilities that NLP+® offers, but also serving as the ideal platform for further training in the more specific areas that interest you.

Whether you are the ‘average’ person with an interest in personal development – perhaps not completely excluding the possibility of becoming a coach/therapist one day – or you are a training or HR professional who is taking the one-day NLP+® training as a form of continued professional development, we’ll engage and excite you and give you plenty of opportunity to ask questions. You’ll get to learn more about not only NLP+® itself, but also NLP+® coaching, hypnosis and Time Line Therapy®.

In addition to giving you the most basic introduction to NLP+®, the course covers such subjects and practical exercises as the NLP+® Communication model, how to establish rapport, personal empowerment, how outcomes are affected by your values and beliefs and how to set effective, well-formed goals. The course is led by Mark and Nicky, who will give you examples of how they have used NLP+® and associated techniques to achieve great results in their lives and business. This will make it easier for you to apply the lessons of NLP+® coaching to various aspects of your own life.

For just £75, you’ll be given a full day’s training, from 9:30am to 5:00pm, in which time you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and experience to make those life changes that you’ve always yearned to make. Also included in the price are training materials, lunch and refreshments. It all ends with the award of our Certificate in NLP+®, with £75 being deducted from the price of the next course that you undertake with us.

Why wait any longer to start using NLP+® life training to really change the course of your life?