What is NLP+®?


NLP+ A Better Kind of NLP

NLP+® is exactly as it says it is … it is NLP with our own unique value added.


It is different to other NLP courses; as Spock would say, “it’s NLP Jim but not as we know it”.

Here are just some of the benefits that make NLP+® the most up to date, innovative, world leading NLP courses:


Multiple Certifications. Our NLP+® Practitioner and Master Practitioner Courses qualify you as a Coach, as a Practitioner of NLP, as a Practitioner of Time Line Therapy ® and as a Hypnotherapist.

If you went on a course which was just Coaching or just NLP or just Hypnotherapy you will be limited in your toolkit for your own development, especially if you wish to use them in a career.

With quality pre-course study and expert coaching support you start to learn straight away. The study materials also make an excellent post course resource.

The live training is all designed around you. When you have your personal meeting with your expert coach they will establish exactly what you want from the training personally and professionally. These individual goals will be used by the trainers to contextualize the training to meet your needs. That’s why no two trainings are ever the same.

Solve Your Own Problems First. When on the course you work on your own real life problems so that you clear up your own Sh*tuff. This means that you will leave us empowered with a mindset and system to accelerate your personal development.

Powerful Strategies for Your Enhanced Life. NLP+® concentrates on the ‘How’ – how people do what they do, which means that you will learn the methods for problem-solving, creating and maintaining a positive mindset, how to think critically, bulletproof self-confidence and powerful life-enhancing strategies.

A Whole New Mind–for the rest of your life. NLP+® installs a whole new software program for the mind rather than buying an individual program and finding that later you need an expensive update.

Confident & Competent. Use it right away. We use NLP to teach NLP so you will learn easily and effortlessly and leave us confident and competent to put everything into practice straight away.

Serious Commitment to Post Course Support. When you have completed the live training you receive our unique NLP+® post course support for you to achieve you NLP goals. Our expert coaching staff will be with you every step of the way.

Be Empowered. NLP+® when used in your life gives you the power of a Taylored Life.

Remember not all NLP training courses are born equal so please contact us now and ask us questions about how NLP+® will add value to your life.