What Is Personal Evolution?

Personal Evolution

Most people talk about personal development but here at TLC we specialise in Personal Evolution.

What’s the difference?

Well, it’s possible for people to develop in the same space and not actually get the change that they want in their life. We see this on many occasions where someone attends a course or training and then proclaims that it was ‘life changing’ …then a few weeks later they attend another training and that was ‘life changing’ and then… you guessed it… they keep repeating the cycle of ‘life changing’ trainings but nothing changes in their lives. They get hooked on the dopamine hit from these successive ‘life changing’ events which are often high energy and full of promise but really deliver little in the way of true change.

This is the same with people who read personal development books, follow the ‘gurus’ podcasts, watch You Tube videos… they know a lot of Sh*tuff and can tell everyone else how to change but never actually change themselves!

How do we know this?

Well, we have been there. We were the personal development dopamine junkies until we found that the only way to really change is through Personal Evolution.

Personal Evolution is all about have the tools, skills and techniques to be empowered and evolve yourself into the person that is worthy of your future goals and that is why we created the Personal Evolutionary Coaching