What Makes a Successful Coach?


The 3 Building Blocks To Success

We are asked regularly what we believe makes a successful coach and a successful coaching business, and we believe that there are 3 core building blocks to success, that when followed, allow people to become a successful coach and run a successful coaching business.

Building Block #1 – YOU

The first building block is about you as a person, which may sound a little strange to some people because they may think it is all about their business. Well where we come from, it’s actually all about you.

You ARE the business.

So therefore, you need to take care of your own development, your own evolution, and your own physical and emotional health.

To be successful you need to have dealt with your own fears, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, so that you are focussed and congruent with building your business.

So, it all starts with you.

Building Block #2 – Competence

If you are going to coach someone, then you need modern mindset techniques, a coaching model to follow, and the core skills and competencies to be able to actually coach someone to get them results.

Building Block #3 – Business Acumen

Finally, you also need to have Business Acumen and understand marketing, sales and finances.

You must have each of the 3 Building Blocks in place to have a successful coaching business

Most of the problems people face in Business stem from them not focussing on the right Building block.

They may blame their lack of progress because they don’t have enough leads (focussing on the Business building block) where in reality, the real problem lies in them not being confident enough to close clients over the phone (building block #1 – YOU)

And in our experience, the problems people face in business are rarely down to building blocks #1 and #2, they are down to people not dealing with their own shhtuf – building block #1.

Success Starts With YOU

What makes our trainings unique, is that we take people through all 3 of the building blocks to success. It starts with them cleaning up their stuff and working on themselves, followed by them learning the skills to become a competent coach, and then learning business skills to be able to market and sell their services to clients.

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