Why Choose The Taylored Life Company?


Why choose the Taylored Life Company?

Meet Mark & Nicky Taylor – Directors of Training of The Taylored Life Company. Certified Master Trainers of NLP+®. Certified Trainers of Master Coaches, Master Time Line Therapy® and Master Hypnotherapists and Certified and practicing Master Coaches

The Taylored Life Company is the only place you can get that special Taylored Life!

Mark and Nicky Taylor - The Taylored Life Company NLP+Visitors to our website usually have two questions – What will NLP+® do for me and what makes you the best Company to train with?

People have many reasons for taking our NLP+® Training courses in Birmingham. To make sure that we completely understand what you want from your Training–so that you feel completely confident you’ll get what you came for–we speak to everyone before they enrol to answer your questions and to make sure that we are the right people for you.

We don’t work with everyone who contacts us, and we do refer them to other providers if we feel we are not the right fit. We, and our graduates, have benefited so much from the NLP body of knowledge that we know you will too. So we would rather have you get the most from your experience even if it means you don’t train with us.

How we are different:

We are two of a small number of ABNLP Master Trainers of NLP in the world! There is no higher qualification in NLP so you can be assured that you are being trained by the best.

Our Teaching Philosophy is simple: You may have many roles in life, but you have one Core that flows throughout everything you do and think. Each ‘aspect’ of your life is not a component, in its own compartment–it is all part of your holistic life experience–your Core.

We Taylor our teachings to that Core, and if you persevere in your learning, the outcomes will greatly improve your actions, thoughts, and relationships, through all the roles you choose to take on in your life.

This is why you won’t see us restricting our trainings to just ‘NLP for Business’ or ‘NLP for Teachers’ or ‘NLP for Children’ or ‘NLP for Coaching’, but at the same time, we do not offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ trainings.


We call our training NLP+® because they contain multi-accredited certifications in NLP, Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis and so much more than other NLP trainings that they are the choice of the NLP and Coaching professional.

We Taylor our courses to each individual’s Core needs so that you also get a cross section of experience in how to use NLP and Coaching effectively (again, through all the roles you play in life). We will more than fulfill all of the outcomes that you want and you will learn extra from the outcomes of others.

Tayloring our courses to you

As soon as you enrol, we will either meet you in person or have a face to face chat via Skype or on the Telephone, at a time that is convenient to you, so that we can fully explain your pre-course material, hear what you want to achieve and you will see how we exceed all of your expectations for the Training. No other training company offers this personal interaction to the depth that we do.

You will be starting to understand how we make the extra effort that makes the difference to your training. It’s fine if you live further afield, we will ship your material out to you free of charge, on next day delivery and then arrange to contact you for your initial chat…

…and our support is only just beginning.

We will continue to Coach and support you via Email, Skype and Phone throughout your NLP+® Training Programme and if you feel you want us to help you put your new skills into practice after the Training then we’re here for that too!

Oh – and did we mention that you become part of a group of like-minded individuals who meet from time to time, and work with one another toward better practical application of the NLP+® Lifestyle?

We have delegates all over the World who take advantage of our ongoing support using NLP+® successfully in their area of choice.


We also offer Breakthrough Sessions, our one-to-one Coaching to help you resolve problems and move forward to a brighter life!

Browse the Website, Check out the Store…then contact us today at 0121 632 2120 to speak with one of our specialists. We look forward to assisting you with changing your life!