🚀 Embark on an incredible NLP journey with The NLP Experts! 🌟

Unleash your potential and master the art of NLP with our NLP+® & Timeline Resourcing® Practitioner Training. 🎓


Experience an Exhilarating Journey of Self-Discovery and Personal Growth with our NLP Practitioner Training, Unlocking the Boundless Power of NLP and Timeline Resourcing® in One Amazing Training!

Unleash your true potential, overcome limitations, and experience personal growth like never before with cutting-edge NLP techniques. Gain the skills to create positive transformations in your life and help others achieve remarkable success.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your career, expand your coaching skills, or begin a rewarding coaching career, this Training will equip you with the tools to take charge of your destiny. With our Expert Trainers, immersive learning experiences, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, you’ll be empowered to enhance your communication, build anti fragility, and create lasting change.

Embrace this life-changing opportunity and set sail on a thrilling voyage of self-discovery and empowerment.


Who Should Attend NLP+® & Timeline Resourcing® Practitioner Training?

This Training is perfect if you wish to:


  • Unlock profound self-understanding and master life-changing techniques for personal empowerment and transformation.
  • Utilise the empowering mindset and techniques of NLP and Timeline Resourcing® to Coach and positively impact others
  • Become certified in NLP and Timeline Resourcing® but have work commitments and find it challenging to take time off.
  • Join a convenient online training option which includes live high-quality training that fits your schedule and lifestyle.
  • Balance family commitments alongside your desire to undergo NLP and Timeline Resourcing® Practitioner Training.
  • Attend a training created by expert Master Trainers which has positively enhanced the lives of thousands around the world.
  • Become part of a like-minded community of Taylored Life Company graduates, who continue to support each other long after their Training is completed.
  • Access top-quality and affordable NLP and Timeline Resourcing® training, with ongoing support to boost your growth and professional development.
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What You’ll Learn at NLP+® & Timeline Resourcing® Practitioner Training

During your Training, you will learn both for yourself and for working with others, how to:

  • Cultivate a mindset of self-empowerment
  • Unlock the power to reshape your thinking for desired results
  • Break free from unhelpful patterns of behavior from the past
  • Master effective communication techniques for getting your message across
  • Silence negative self-talk for good
  • Discover learning and spelling techniques to overcome memory blocks effortlessly
  • Build instant rapport effortlessly
  • Unlock the secrets to setting and achieving successful goals
  • Develop strategies for running effective meetings, negotiation, influence, and sales
  • Shift to a resourceful state whenever you desire
  • Overcome procrastination and ignite motivation
  • Uncover decision-making strategies and replace ineffective ones
  • Resolve inner conflicts and conquer indecisiveness
  • Rapidly release phobias with ease
  • Elicit attraction and deep love strategies for fulfilling relationships
  • Release major negative emotions in just minutes
  • Identify and remove limiting beliefs and past decisions that hold you back
  • Master your perception of time and enhance planning abilities
  • Create compelling future goals that actually work!

When You Secure Your Place Today You'll Get:

Goal-setting call to guarantee your Training objectives are met

Access to your Complementary Online Home Study Programme

Invite to join your exclusive WhatsApp group with direct access to your Trainers and unwavering support to maximise your Training experience

What Sets this Training Apart?

    • Convenience: Weekly online study – learn around your busy schedule.
    • Family/Commitment Friendly Scheduling: Live practice days – to put everything you are learning into practice and experience the techniques yourself
    • Personal Touch: Our trainings are personally overseen by Master Trainers and Industry Experts Mark & Nicky, co-founders of The Taylored Life Company.
    • Affordable: We believe in making NLP and Timeline Resourcing® accessible to everyone.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the training hours each day?

    10am to 4pm, 15 mins breaks, lunch break 60 mins

    What support is available?

    You will be invited to join a WhatsApp group that is exclusive for you and your training cohort to ask any questions that you have. The WhatsApp group will remain open after your Training ends so that you are able to receive any ongoing support that you require.

    Do I get a certificate?

    You will receive two certificates – certification as a Practitioner of NLP and certification as Practitioner of Timeline Resourcing®

    What Next?

    Email info@tayloredlifecompany.com now to find out how you can embark on your transformative NLP journey!