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Welcome to the Personal Evolutionary Coaching® Programme, carefully crafted and brought to you by The Taylored Life Company.

This professional and transformative training utilises the empowering technologies of NLP+®, Timeline Resourcing® and Hypnotherapy, within the Personal Evolutionary Coaching® framework and is designed for Coaches and aspiring Coaches seeking to elevate their skills and achieve remarkable success in their coaching practice.

This immersive and transformative training encompasses the 3 Building Blocks to Success that every Coach and aspiring Coach must possess to create a thriving coaching business.

If you are ready to unlock your full coaching potential, make a positive lasting impact on the lives of others, whilst evolving yourself personally, this Programme is the perfect combination!


Who Should Attend the Personal Evolutionary Coaching® Programme?

This Training is ideal for:


  • Individuals new to coaching who wish to join a comprehensive and supportive training programme that covers all essential aspects required for establishing a thriving and sustainable coaching business.
  • Coaches who wish to add the life changing technologies of NLP+®, Timeline Resourcing®, Hypnotherapy and Personal Evolutionary Coaching® to their toolkit in order to achieve EXTRAordinary results with their clients.
  • Leaders who are passionate about their own personal evolution and growth and are committed to Making The Difference in their own lives and the lives of others.
  • Ambitious professionals seeking to integrate a comprehensive set of practical coaching skills and change work into their existing careers, with the added flexibility of having the option to pursue an independent coaching path in the future.
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What You’ll Learn at the Personal Evolutionary Coaching® Programme

During this 6-month intensive training, you will not only master the art of coaching but also gain certifications in the four subjects that are essential for creating permanent change in yourself and your clients:

  • NLP+®

  • Timeline Resourcing® 

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Personal Evolutionary Coaching®

This comprehensive curriculum empowers you with real, proven techniques to effectively guide your clients through their challenges and facilitate lasting positive change in their lives.

Moreover, you will undergo a personal transformation yourself journey, clearing any self-limiting beliefs and building the confidence needed to excel as a Coach.

When You Secure Your Place Today You'll Get:

Goal-setting call to guarantee your Training objectives are met

Access to your Complementary Online Home Study Programme

Invite to join your exclusive WhatsApp group with direct access to your Trainers and unwavering support to maximise your Training experience

What Sets this Training Apart?

    The following key factors make the Personal Evolutionary Coaching® Programme stand out from other coaching trainings:


    • Critical Points of Failure: Extensive research has revealed the three critical areas that lead to a lack of success for Coaches:
    • Their own fears and self-limiting beliefs about being able to coach clients successfully
    • Coaching competence, not having the correct tools and techniques to get results with clients
    • Lack of essential business skills to attract clients and build a thriving coaching practice

    The Personal Evolutionary Coaching® Programme addresses all three of these critical points of failure so that you have everything you need to be a successful Coach.

    We call these the Three Building Blocks to Success.Their own fears and self-limiting beliefs about being able to coach clients successfully.

    • Root-Cause Focus: Conventional coaching attempts to move clients forward from the present; however, past patterns often repeat themselves. The Personal Evolutionary Coaching® Programme tackles root cause, clearing past patterns and building a strong foundation to coach from.
    • Expertly Crafted: The Personal Evolutionary Coaching® Programme has been personally created by Master Trainers Mark & Nicky Taylor and draws from their own experience of coaching clients since 2009, delivering practical and effective techniques that achieve EXTRAordinary results for you and your clients.
    • Easy to Understand: The Personal Evolutionary Coaching® Programme is taught in the order and sequence that you would coach your client, so that you are very clear on the coaching process and which NLP, Timeline Resourcing™ and Hypnotherapy interventions to use and when to use them.
    • Adaptable Approach: The coaching process taught in the Training allows Coaches to integrate additional tools and techniques you may have previously learned elsewhere.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the training hours each day?

    10am to 4pm, 15 mins breaks, lunch break 60 mins

    What support is available?

    You will be invited to join a WhatsApp group which is exclusive for you and your training cohort to ask any questions that you have. The WhatsApp group will remain open after your Training ends so that you are able to receive any ongoing support that you require.

    Do I need any NLP experience to attend?

    No, you don’t need any prior experience, just an open mind and a desire to be a successful Coach.

    Do I get a certificate?

    You will receive 4 certificates: certification as a:

    • Practitioner of NLP
    • Practitioner of Timeline Resourcing®
    • Practitioner of Hypnotherapy
    • Personal Evolutionary Coaching® Coach

    What Next?

    Download a brochure now to find out more about the Personal Personal Evolutionary Coaching® Programme and how it addresses the essential Three Building Blocks to Success that all Coaches need in place to be successful.

    Alternatively, email info@tayloredlifecompany.com and speak to one of our Training experts.

    Make today the day you embark on your transformative coaching adventure – elevate your career, empower your clients and become the Coach you’ve always aspired to be!