NLP+® Trainers Training


UK NLP+® Trainers Training Certification and Evaluation, Birmingham

– Taking you from Excellent to Exceptional

This training is approved by and exceeds the certifying standards of the American Board of NLP (ABNLP)

When you complete your NLP+® Trainers Training Programme in Birmingham with Master Trainers Mark and Nicky Taylor, not only will you be the VERY BEST Trainer/ Presenter / Public Speaker that you are capable of being, we will take you from Excellent to Extraordinary in your understanding of how to utilize NLP+® to be Successful in your Life.

We teach you the Difference that makes the Difference – the things that are missing from other Speaker and NLP Trainers Training Courses – that is why it is called NLP+®  and why we created the Peak Performance model for speaking and presenting.

Why should I do it?

  • Maybe you have just started to give presentations or you want to learn how to give really successfully and dynamic presentations?
  • Do you want to be totally comfortable and confident in front of any size of audience, banishing fear of public speaking and stage fright forever?
  • Maybe you are a Coach, a Consultant, Leader, Manager or Business Owner who wants to get their message out there and be seen as a key person of influence?
  • Do you want to build a successful NLP+® Training Business?
  • Maybe you want to be noticed more to accelerate your career and stop being overtaken by more confident, self-assured colleagues?
  • Perhaps you would like to be more poised and confident in meeting, win more business and achieve more?
  • Do you want to move from excellent to extraordinary in your relationships, career, business, and life?

These are just some of the benefits and problems that can be answered of our NLP+® Trainers Training…

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions then this is the NLP+® Trainers Training for you!

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So what actually is NLP+® Trainers Training?

The Taylored Life Company NLP+® Trainers Training Certification and Evaluation Training Programme is the simplest to understand and easiest to master and the most successful NLP+® Trainers Training programme on offer today – We are the speaking and presenting professionals.

If you want to guarantee your success this is the training that will take your speaking skills and confidence to a whole new level!

You need to understand that this isn’t some old long drawn out, theoretical, academic style Trainers course that only teaches conscious minds.

Neither is it the faddy, short 3 or 4 day course that promises you that the latest made up ‘Rocket boot jet sky high’ speaker system to be part of a Public Speakers School, Academy or University that will allow you to share the stage with world elite and then fails to deliver for all but a few.

Think about this…Most of the people that run such courses have taken NLP+® Trainers Training themselves so why would they give you anything less? If you think that they are successful surely you want the same thing that made them successful, not some watered down version?

THIS IS tried and tested, highly practical and innovative NLP+® Trainers Training that has been around and perfected over the last 35 years and when this is combined with the experience of Learning and Development and the Training and Development of Trainers from the last 20+ years of your NLP+® Master Trainers Mark and Nicky Taylor you know it is going to be a successful and dynamic event that delivers.

What will I learn at NLP+® Trainers Training and Evaluation?

Here are just a fraction of the things that you will learn at NLP+® Trainers Training:

YOU – The skills, techniques and behaviours of a Professional Presenter/Trainer

  • Installation and utilization of the Optimum Trainer State (Uptime) – putting you in ‘flow’; removing all speaking fear, nerves and stage fright giving you complete control of your own state and projection for hours on end
  • 30 Trainer Behaviours installed in you unconsciously to take you from excellent to extraordinary
  • Installation of 6 Trainer states to make you a bulletproof presenter
  • Learn the Unique Taylored Life Company Model for the 4 Dimensions of Communication – How to use Your Words, Your Tonality, Your Physiology and Your Energy to engage and captivate instantly
  • Present like C.O.R.N (Comfortable, Open, Relaxed, Natural) showing you are confident and competent
  • How correct breathing aides the communication process
  • Voice warm up techniques to ensure you always perform at your best
  • How to Market yourself to get results
  • How to sell from the stage
  • Advanced Business and Leadership skills

AUDIENCE – How to engage any group of people to get your message across and maximise learning

  • Understand how to take groups through the group forming process so that they produce optimum performance
  • Learn the principles of how people learn best and how you can satisfy all learning styles in your audience within the format of your training and its presentation
  • Learn how to prepare and order content for your presentations that maximises time and learning
  • Be able to create a presentation that meets any group’s needs and be able to deliver that in any market so whoever asks you to present you will always be ready
  • How memory works so that you present your information to be remembered
  • Group Calibration and Rapport for instant engagement
  • How to immediately engage your audience with a ‘Charisma’ pattern opening
  • How to install moment-to-moment states with your audience that enhance learning using voice anchoring and stage anchors
  • How to guide your audience through your postures and gestures, giving a congruent and certain message limiting unconscious and distracting movement
  • How to use different trance states to aid learning
  • How to gain compliance, and handle objections and hecklers by choosing the right way to respond
  • Be able to answer any questions and more importantly to answer the ‘real’ question
  • The utilisation of storytelling for influence, persuasion and transfer of learning in your presentations
  • The utilisation of linguistic patterns and open nested loops to produce unconscious integration
  • How to pre-teach and layer subjects to consolidate and enrich learning
  • How to demonstrate NLP+® techniques and pick the right demonstration subject from the audience.
  • How to give feedback and use tasking for enriched learning and deeper learning opportunities
  • How to design and evaluate training for any subject, to any audience.

SETTING – The preparation and utilisation of the training environment

  • How to Influence, Control and Utilise the energy in the room to the optimum environment to get your message across
  • How to select the room layout that maximises learning
  • How to set up the Training Room for the optimum learning experience and creation of the ‘WOW’ factor
  • The training logistics to ensure that everything at the setting runs smoothly and easily.

…and all of this done in a fun, safe and supportive environment where we will teach the process by taking you through the process; so that you experience everything a Student and as a Trainer.

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Following on from your Training is Evaluation and Certification… this is the fun bit you get to show off all of your new skills…during this you will:

  • A Closed book written test, which is from the content of NLP+® Practitioner and NLP+® Master Practitioner. You will receive a study guide to assist your learning and there is a whole day set aside for its completion.
  • Present the two 30 minute Presentations that you have practiced and developed and received feedback on from the expert Trainer Coaching Assistants during the Training stage.
  • Present a demonstration of an NLP+® technique/pattern live with a demonstration subject that you have chosen from the delegates. Mark and Nicky will demonstrate all of the techniques / patterns during the Training so that you be fully prepared.
  • You will then be presented with your prestigious NLP+® Trainer plaque accredited by the ABNLP, from Mark and Nicky and then we will all celebrate.

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Who is this training for?

The simple answer is anyone who wants to take their NLP+® skills and their life to a whole new level and move from Excellent to Exceptional.

To attend you must have had training as a Practitioner of NLP+® and to complete the evaluation process for Trainer Certification you must be Certified as an NLP+® Practitioner and Master Practitioner.

If you have any questions about this being the right training for you, it will be our pleasure to talk you through it so please contact us now.

How is the Training delivered?

This training is the best NLP+® Training of your life and the hardest training that you will ever work easy at. We will challenge you, engage you, inspire you and support you and most of all have great fun. At the end you won’t want to leave!

The programme is 6 days of Trainer input including practicing your first session, then a day off, then 6 days of Trainer input including practicing your second session, then a day off, then four days of evaluation.

If you require further information on session timings etc. please feel free to contact us.

There will also be bonus sessions for you and if you aren’t already trained in Time Line Therapy® an opportunity to train at both Practitioner and Master Practitioner level for a small extra fee. If you are already trained in Time Line Therapy® you are welcome to attend these sessions free of charge.

What happens next?

After your training you will have the full support of the TLC Expert Coaching team and our resources to put your NLP+® goals into practice.

If you wish to set up your own NLP+® Training business you will be able to purchase all of our NLP+® Practitioner and NLP+® Master Practitioner manuals and presentation slides, our logistics manuals showing you what you need and how to run an NLP+® Training and training material for introduction sessions that will bring people into your trainings. We will even give you a discount if you want to provide your students with our online NLP+® Practitioner pre-course material. All of this will mean that 24 hours after leaving us you could put on your own NLP+® Training and do what we do!

You also will gain access to our NLP+® Master Trainer program, which is a full professional development for the NLP+® Trainer professional and personally overseen by Mark and Nicky.

We are the only ABNLP accredited NLP+® Training Company, in Europe, that can take you from NLP+® Practitioner right through to NLP+® Master Trainer as we have two in-house Master Trainers. So we truly are the Training Company for the NLP+® professional and the NLP+® Trainers Coaches and Mentors.

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