The Personal Evolutionary Coaching Programme


The Personal Evolutionary Coaching™ Programme is the coaching qualification that is revolutionising the Coaching industry.

It is the future of coaching, here today. We created this programme because we were sick and tired of Coaches going on mediocre training courses, spending lots of money and not being successful.

Let’s face it most Coaching training out there is ‘beige’! They trot out all of the old ‘out dated’ coaching models such as the Grow, old-style questioning and facilitating, are linked to stuffy wannabe academic training standards from people such as the ICF or ILM, make people jump through unnecessary portfolio building hoops and promise more by calling themselves ‘transformational’ or ‘life coaching’ to escape you seeing that they are ‘beige’, middle of the road and boring.

So we have created the Rolls Royce Coach training of the coaching industry with a step by step users handbook and expert tuition on how to drive it

This programme is the culmination of our learning and experience since 2009; researching, trialling and developing a course that develops you as a person, makes you confident and competent as a coach and shows you how to start your coaching business and get clients.

This programme incorporates all of the best bits of NLP+® Practitioner and Hypnotherapy Practitioner, and we have created a whole new set of advanced techniques that are easy to use and more effective for the release of Negative Emotions and Self Limiting Beliefs, called Time Line Resourcing™.

And this is all wrapped up in the brand new certification called Personal Evolutionary Coaching™ which is setting the new gold standard in the coaching industry.

It utilises our unique step by step coaching process so that you fully understand how to coach and what to use where and when… with yourself and others

It is currently achieving the most amazing results for our delegates and all its done from the comfort of your own home, delivered by us and our team of expert trainers and coaches.

And it doesn’t stop there…

It is jam-packed full of invaluable content to help you set up a professional and successful coaching business

  • Covering all you need to know about sales and marketing
  • So that you fully understand your Identity as a Coach
  • Have amazing self-belief as a coach
  • And the toughest one for most people…. Get sales

We are experts at what we teach:

We have seen our graduates, students and coaching clients achieve amazing success, again and again and again, so we know it’s all true…

…and we know the results that are waiting for you…

When you join us and our coaching community

If you are an existing coach or an aspiring coach who is looking to get into coaching we recommend that you fully consider looking at this brand new gold standard coaching system

So if you are one of those people who are serious about making changes, if you really want to get ahead and get what you want out of your life, we would like to give you a special opportunity…

… and that opportunity is a 60-minute coaching call

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On the call we will question you and coach you to see how we can help you become the best coach possible in your chosen field

We will give you real value by asking you questions to understand exactly why you are experiencing the results that you have now and then understand where you would like to be instead. Once we have done that you will have clarity and she will show you how to get there.

By the end of the call you will be in the best position to know which direction your coaching career needs to go in.

So if you are serious about coaching and having a successful coaching business

And want all of the tools and techniques to do that

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We guarantee that it will be the first step to change your life and the lives of others